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Certificate in the Teaching of Writing

This program is designed for individuals who already have or are working on master's degrees and intend to pursue college teaching careers. Documentation of the graduate degree or program in progress and relevant prior experience is required for admission. The Certificate in the Teaching of Writing combines training in writing curriculum components and design, the teaching of grammar, and writing assesment with a supervised classroom teaching experience. Credits earned in the certificate program may also be counted towards the student's graduate degree requirements, upon the approval of his or her advisor. The student will learn to assess their own and others' writing based on analytic scoring criteria and employ composition-curriculum components that reinforce one another and their students' learning experience.

What will I study?

For current information about program requirements, please see current EWU Catalog.

Required Certificate Courses

ENGL 511 The Composing Curriculum (5)
ENGL 520 Research Design (5)
ENGL 568 Technical Communication: Practice, Theory and Pedagogy (3)
ENGL 573 History of Rhetoric (5)
or ENGL 575 Contemporary Rhetorical Theories (5) or an approved substitution
ENGL 560 Modern Grammar (5)
or ENGL 564 Grammar and Composition (5)
ENGL 695A Internship: Teaching Composition (3-5)
or ENGL 695E Internship: Writers' Center (3-5)

Any course substitutions must be approved by the current English Composition director before being submitted to the Graduate Studies office.

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