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Bachelor of Arts in Music: Liberal Arts

The Bachelor of Arts in Music (BA) is recommended  for students interested in general studies in music planning to pursue graduate studies in music history and literature or composition. As with all EWU Music Degrees, students are required to pass an entrance auditon to be accepted as a music major and pass upper level juries to complete their degrees.

Listing of degree requirements for BA Liberal Arts in Music. Scroll down for readable text

 MUSIC MAJOR WITH LIBERAL ARTS OPTION This is a program designed for the study of music within a liberal arts curriculum. Note: two years of a single high school foreign language or one year of a single college level foreign language is required.

Required Courses (43 credits) MUSC 101 Music Theory I (3) MUSC 102 Music Theory II (3) MUSC 103 Music Theory III (3) MUSC 104 Sight Singing and Aural Skills I (1) MUSC 105 Sight Singing and Aural Skills II (1) MUSC 106 Sight Singing and Aural Skills III (1) MUSC 110 Convocation and Recital Attendance (0) (must pass 11 quarters) MUSC 121 Piano Class II for Music Majors (1) MUSC 122 Piano Class III for Music Majors (1) Piano Proficiency (0) MUSC 201 Music Theory IV (3) MUSC 202 Music Theory V (3) MUSC 203 Music Theory VI (3) MUSC 204 Sight Singing and Aural Skills IV (1) MUSC 205 Sight Singing and Aural Skills V (1) MUSC 250 Music History and Literature I (3) MUSC 251 Music History and Literature II (3) MUSC 252 Music History and Literature III (3) MUSC 310 Basic Conducting Skills (2) MUSC 357 Music in Diverse Cultures (3) MUSC 491 Music Senior Thesis (4) or MUSC 490 Senior Capstone (4)

Applied Music Requirements (12 credits minimum) MUSC 108 Instruction on Voice or Instrument (1) MUSC 208 Instruction on Voice or Instrument (1) MUSC 308 Instruction on Voice or Instrument (1) MUSC 408 Instruction on Voice or Instrument (1) Major Music Ensembles Requirements (12 credits minimum) MUSE 320 Marching Band (1) MUSE 321 Wind Ensemble (1) MUSE 322 Symphonic Band (1) MUSE 330 Orchestra (1) MUSE 340 Symphonic Choir (1) MUSE 341 Concert Choir (1)

Electives at the 300 and 400 level (14 credit minimum) Total credits for above major 81 credits  


What will I study?

To learn more about the requirements and courses you will be taking, please download and read the Student Handbook and EWU Course Catalogue.

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