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Jazz and Commercial Music Certificate

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CERTIFICATE The Jazz and Commercial Music Certificate is designed to give the music major/minor access to jazz classes and ensembles and increase their skills for the purpose of performing and teaching jazz. The certificate includes a recital experience to enhance students' abilities to apply their knowledge in a performance setting. Students will also perform for a jury (pass/fail) on materials provided through the curriculum. Student Learning Outcomes-students will: • analyze and create arrangements and compositions in the jazz idiom; • analyze, understand and perform literature through the study of jazz theory and improvisation; • analyze and perform literature in a variety of ensemble settings with varying historical perspectives; • analyze and perform on various idiomatic instruments; • apply knowledge and skills gained for a jury and during a recital.

JAZZ AND COMMERCIAL MUSIC Jazz Piano Fundamental Test (Pass/Fail) Jury performance-participation must be approved by the director of the Jazz Program. Recital-participation must be approved by the director of the Jazz Program.

Required Courses (15 credits) MUSC 103 Music Theory III (3) MUSC 108 Instruction on Voice or Instrument (Jazz Piano) (1) MUSC 280 Basic Jazz Arranging (1) MUSC 281 Advanced Jazz Arranging (1) MUSC 286 Introduction to Jazz Theory and Aural Skills (1) MUSC 287 Basic Jazz Theory/Improvisation (1) MUSC 288 Intermediate Jazz Theory/Improvisation (1) MUSC 289 Advanced Jazz Theory/Improvisation (1) MUSC 356 History of Jazz (3) MUSC 447 Jazz Ensemble Methods and Materials (2)

Required Ensembles-choose instrumental or vocal (6 credits minimum) Instrumental MUSE 301 Concert Jazz Orchestra (1) MUSE 302 Repertory Jazz Ensemble (1) MUSE 303 Jazz Lab Ensemble (1) Vocal MUSE 304 Collegians (1) MUSE 305 Vocal Jazz II (1)

Required Ensembles (6 credits minimum) MUSE 310 Jazz Combo 1 (1) MUSE 311 Jazz Combo 2 (1) MUSE 312 Jazz Combo 3 (1) MUSE 313 Jazz Combo 4 (1) MUSE 314 Jazz Combo 5 (1)

Electives in Area of Interest-choose from the following (2 credit minimum) MUSC 108 Instruction on Voice or Instrument (Jazz Piano) (1) MUSC 108 Instruction on Voice or Instrument (Applied Bass) (1) MUSC 108 Instruction on Voice or Instrument (Applied Drum Set) (1)

Minimum credits for above certificate 29 credits

What will I study?

To learn more about the requirements and courses you will be taking, please download and read the Student Handbook. and EWU Course Catalogue.

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