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EWU Music Department
119 Music Building
Cheney, WA 99004
phone: 509.359.2241
fax: 509.359.7028

Master of Music: Performance--Instrumental, Vocal, Piano, Conducting

EWU offers Master of Music degrees in instrumental and vocal performance including piano, brass, percussion, string, woodwinds, and conducting.  Study with the EWU artist faculty is supported by a wide range of ensemble experiences which include orchestra, wind ensemble, traditional and jazz choirs, concert jazz orchestra, jazz combos, pop combos, opera, chamber music, and contemporary ensembles.  Graduate students may have the unique opportunity to perform with area professional ensembles such as the Spokane Symphony, the Spokane Symphony Chorale and the Spokane Jazz Orchestra while in residence at EWU.  Students are mentored individually to ensure the content and substance of their program meet their career goal intentions. Please contact Dr. Jody Graves, Graduate Program Director at to arrange an audition or interview. 

Required Program Core (22 credits) 

Music Research-choose from the following* MUSC 520 Research Techniques and Bibliography in Music (3) or MUSC 521 Research Design in Music Education (3)

Music History-choose two from the following** 
MUSC 538 Topics in Music History (3) MUSC 551 Music of the Medieval Era (3) MUSC 552 Music of the Renaissance Era (3) MUSC 553 Music of the Baroque Period (3) MUSC 554 Music of the Classical Period (3) MUSC 555 Music of the Romantic Period (3) MUSC 556 Music of the 20th Century (3) MUSC 557 History of Jazz: Styles and Analysis (3)

Music Theory/Composition MUSC 560 Historical Analysis of Musical Structure (3) MUSC 561 Counterpoint (2)

Three Quarters of Graduate Ensemble Participation (3 credits minimum)*** Choose from MUSE 520-MUSE 541

Music Thesis/Recital-choose one MUSC 600 Thesis (5) or MUSC 601 Graduate Recital (5) or MUSC 602 Final Master's Project (5)****

Notes: *students in Music Education Emphasis should take MUSC 521 Research Design in Music Education. **students in the Composition Emphasis must take MUSC 556 Music of the 20th Century as one of their Music History courses. **students in the Jazz Studies Emphasis must take MUSC 557 History of Jazz: Styles and Analysis as one of their Music History courses. ***an off-campus option requires advanced signed approval by the Director of Music Education and successful completion of written report. ****Music Education Emphasis students are required to take MUSC 600 Thesis. Prior to commencing research, a thesis proposal must receive approval from the thesis committee and, if human subjects are involved, by the IRB.  

Required Performance Emphasis MUSC 510 Advanced Conducting (3) MUSC 530 Instruction on Instrument or Voice (2) (must be repeated six times) (12 credits)

Three Quarters of Graduate Ensemble Participation Note: conducting Performance Majors will intern with the ensemble director. Choose from MUSE 520-MUSE 541

Pedagogy Vocal/Instrumental (3 credit minimum) Note: these courses are stacked with undergraduate courses. MUSC 564A, B, C Piano Pedagogy (2, 2, 2) MUSC 564D Vocal Pedagogy (3) MUSC 564E String Pedagogy (3) MUSC 564F Woodwind Pedagogy (3) MUSC 564G Brass Pedagogy (3) MUSC 564H Percussion Pedagogy (3) Language Diction Proficiency (voice majors only) (0)

Electives (11 credits) Electives approved in consultations among the student, the student's area advisor(s) and the graduate program advisor. MUSC 537 Contemporary Music Ensemble (3) (strongly recommended)

Total credits for above master's degree 54 credits

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