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Bachelor of Arts in Theatre

For those students who wish to enter the profession or for those who wish to prepare for graduate school. Degree emphasis can range from an acting based degree to a more technical-based theatre degree. Students may wish to focus on a technical degree such as lighting design, costume design, set design or production management. Other students may wish to focus solely on acting, however they will be expected to contribute equally to the technical side of the production. Each production will go towards a student's final portfolio.

The Bachelor of Arts in Education w/ certification in Theatre

For those who wish to teach grades 4-12. This program is designed to give the student a thorough preparation in all aspects of theatre, both to equip the potential elementary and secondary teacher with the necessary knowledge and skills and to support any graduate school specialty the major may choose to pursue. The range of elective courses permits the major a small amount of specialization within the curriculum, but the primary intention of the curriculum is to achieve a broad fundamental preparation in theatre, with the belief that specialization is the proper pursuit of graduate study. In addition to classroom studies, the program offers valuable "hands-on" experience in virtually every phase of theatrical production, whether it be acting, directing, singing, costuming, or a myriad of technical and design skills. Each major is expected and required to be available to work on every production in the program's season.

What will I study?

Student Learning Outcomes

Students will:
• demonstrate the ability to act and direct in live theatre;
• analyze, interpret and apply a knowledge of dramatic literature, cultural history and aesthetics to aspects of production;
• articulate the role of the theatre within our own culture and the culturally diverse world;
• utilize the mechanics and aesthetics of technical theatre in design and production of live theatre;
• describe, demonstrate and communicate the knowledge of one through four above to elementary, middle school and high school students.

Theater Courses:

FILM 221 Narrative Writing Film (5)
THTR 110 Movement and Voice (3)
THTR/HUMN 202 Theatre in the Humanities (5)
THTR 210 Acting I (4)
THTR 226 Stage Make-Up (1)
THTR/HUMN 303 Survey of Theatre History (5)
THTR 310 Acting II (4)
THTR 330 Stage Costume (3)
THTR 331 Design and Technology I (5)
THTR 332 Design and Technology II (5)
THTR 395 University Theater Internship (1+1+1+1)*
THTR 421 Directing I (4)
THTR 422 Directing II (4)
THTR 491 Theatre Capstone (5)


THTR 150 Fundamentals of Music/Dance (3)
THTR 312 Special Skills for Actors (1)
THTR 326 Creative Dramatics (3)
THTR 410 Acting III (4)
THTR 412 Acting: The Profession (4)
THTR 430 Design and Technology III (5)
THTR 495 Field Experience (1-15)
THTR 497 Acting Workshop (3)
THTR 498 Seminar Theatre (1-5)
THTR 499 Directed Study (1-5)

Emphases / Concentrations:

  • Acting
  • Technical - Lighting, Costume, Design
  • Teaching

Interesting courses I might take:

  • Movement and Voice
  • Fundamentals of Music/Dance Theatre
  • Stage Make-up

What could I do with my degree?

  • Acting
  • Directing
  • Production
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