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Corporate Training Minor

The Corporate Training minor is designed for students with career objectives that involve training the trainer; educating company new hires; preparing employees for company changes; leading continuous improvement workshops or Kaizen events; creating training videos-online, mobile apps, internal videos, etc.; or coaching customers in processes or products. The course of study introduces students to instructional methodologies and audience strategies to build knowledge and skills necessary to effectively instruct and assess in today's corporate environment. Students will learn how to create, deliver, and analyze training material using instructional methodologies, instructional strategies, industry technology, written and oral communications, and presentations.

Industry Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics the job outlook does not indicate Corporate Training (also referred to as training and development managers/specialists) positions being projected as a high-growth career but instead as average, it is viewed as a well-paying, complimentary career to bachelor's degrees in both business and health services. Recent conditions increasing the need for corporate trainers is training the retiring baby-boomer replacements, training for continuous technological advancements, and training in highly regulated industries.

What will I study?

Student Learning Outcomes

Student Learning Outcomes--students will be able to

  • Model personal and professional attributes and leadership skills that reflect productive life and work roles as well as implement and maintain collaborative partnerships with colleagues, community, business, and industry that maximize resources and promote self-sufficiency;
  • Demonstrate competencies in instructional methodologies and instructional strategies to promote learning;
  • Demonstrate instructional competence in career development, training manuals, and integration of leadership development into planning and management using computer applications; and
  • Apply training competencies in the program implementation and assessment, in addition, be able to identify the diverse needs of trainees and implement instructional methodologies and technology strategies to promote individual competency and success.

Corporate Training Program Requirements

Corporate Training Minor: Required Six Courses: 25 credits*

  1. BUED 302 Business Communications (4)

  2. BUED 425 Workplace Communications Using Computer Applications (5)

  3. BUED 475 Instructional Methodologies Used in Business and Marketing (4)

  4. BUED 476 Instructional Methodologies Used in Computer Applications (4)

  5. CTED 309 CTE Classroom Management (4)

  6. CTED 341 CTE Secondary Strategies (4)

 *Corporate Training Minor is a complimentary minor to the management majors: General Management, Human Resource Management, and Operations Management. BUED 302 and BUED 425 are included in the management majors' elective sections which leaves only four required courses or 16 credits if the two courses are double counted. It is also a complimentary minor to Accounting, Finance, Health Services, and any additional industry that is heavily regulated.

What could I do with my degree?

  • Find more information on your corporate training career options with a visit to EWU's Career Services!
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