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Minor in Economics

 An economics minor enhances any EWU major, especially for those interested in social sciences, business or public affairs, with courses in money and banking, industrial organization and political economy. The department also supports health-related fields with courses in health economics and risk and insurance. An economics minor is rigorous and widely respected.

What will I study?

There are two ways to get a minor in economics, available to all students except those majoring in economics. Each method requires students to take 20 credits of economics courses.

The traditional minor requires the two 200-level introductory courses and any two upper-division electives. For students taking the 100-level general education course, a minor may be earned by also taking three upper-division courses from a list of six courses.

Since students can use selected upper-division economics courses to fulfill the general university requirements in international studies and culture and gender diversity, getting an economics minor while fulfilling these requirements is an attractive option.

Course descriptions and options are listed in the course catalog.

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