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Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration - Management: Operations Management Option

The Operations Management option is for students interested in the daily management activities of an organization. It prepares students with techniques and objectives to help service-oriented and/or manufacturing-oriented organizations achieve their objectives. Operations Management deals with logistics, techniques and methods needed to achieve management objectives relative to quality, quantity, schedules and costs.

Students who complete the Management: Operations Management Major will:

  • know the vocabulary of the operations management discipline;
  • be able to explain key operations management concepts such as operations strategy, planning, scheduling, processes and their relationship;
  • be able to apply operations management concepts to solve operations management problems such as related to planning, scheduling, the supply chain and quality management;
  • be able to calculate resource allocations using operations management tools and techniques and analyze performance using appropriate quantitative methods;
  • be able to assess a company's resource needs based on weekly shifts in simulated operations performance.

The College of Business and Public Administration has specific requirements for formal admission into the Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (BAB) degree program. These requirements must be met before continuation into upper division business courses. Please see Undergraduate Business Advising for more information on formal admission requirements.

What will I study?

Courses taken for the Operations Management option, beyond the required Business Administration core, are not counted double toward the Finance major, Marketing major, the International Business major, the Human Resource Management option, and the General Business option.

Required Business Administration Core (69 Credits)

Required Operations Management Option Courses (16 credits)

DSCI 446 Business Forecasting (4)

OPSM 425 Service and Operations Analysis (4)

OPSM 428 Global Supply Chain Management (4)

OPSM 441 Quality Management (4)

Electives (8-10 credits)

 Select approved, related electives in consultation with your faculty advisor.

Management: Operations Management Course List

Business Administration Core Course List

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