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Student's Advisory Committee

Student's Advisory Committee

After receiving admission to Graduate Studies and the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, the student will consult with the departmental graduate advisor concerning appointment of the chair of the student's advisory committee. The graduate committee administering the comprehensive examination shall, according to department policy, be comprised of three members: two faculty members from the department, with one serving as chair and a third faculty member from another academic discipline. The committee member from outside the student's discipline may either be appointed by the Graduate Studies Office or students may elect to take the initiative and have a faculty member of their choosing appointed to the third committee position. If the second option is selected, students have the responsibility of approaching such potential members to secure their willingness to serve and the subsequent responsibility of notifying the Graduate Studies Office so that the willing outside members may formally be appointed to committee assignments.

No adjunct, part-time or other faculty located away from the campus may serve as chair of a student's advisory committee, but they may serve as a member.

The student's advisory committee has the responsibility for guiding and directing the entire academic program of the student. The student has the responsibility for initiating academic actions concerning the advisory committee. The chair of the advisory committee has immediate supervision of the student's academic planning and research project. The chair also has the responsibility for calling required meetings of the advisory committee or other informal meetings considered desirable.

 The duties of the advisory committee include the responsibility for the degree program, the research or internship proposal, the research project, the internship report and the final examination. In addition, the advisory committee, as a group and as individual members, is responsible for counseling the student on academic matters and in the case of academic deficiency initiating recommendations to the Graduate Studies Office.

The student's advisory committee will evaluate the student's previous training and degree objectives. The committee will then outline a proposed degree program and a research problem or internship proposal or some combination of the two. These activities along with the student's other courses will constitute the student's program. The student's proposed degree program must be included in the Application for Degree Candidacy form.  This form must be submitted to the Graduate Studies Office prior to the fourth quarter of registration, with endorsements by the student's advisory committee and the graduate program advisor.

Additional courses may be added to the approved degree program by the student's advisory committee if such additional course work is deemed necessary to correct deficiencies in the student's academic preparation. Changes to an approved degree program can be made with the approval of the student's advisory committee. 

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