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Fieldwork Educators

Information for Fieldwork Educators

Welcome to our fieldwork education web site.  We appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge, experience, energy, and time to develop our students into confident, evidence based, entry-level occupational therapists.  We value the collaboration between faculty and fieldwork educators.  You are the bridge from academia to community practice.

We hope this site will serve as a resource upon which you can continue to:

  • Identify helpful resources
  • Expand your skills as a fieldwork educator
  • Further develop your fieldwork program
  • Strengthen your relationship with the Occupational Therapy program at Eastern Washington University

On this site you will find:

Your academic fieldwork coordinators are here to help:

Diane Norell, Academic Fieldwork Coordinator
Pedro Ashford, Academic Fieldwork Coordinator
Margarita Vera, Office Assistant III

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