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Faculty & Staff

  • Dan Anton, PT, PhD, ATC
    Dan Anton, PT, PhD, ATC
    Professor and Chair
    HSB 270
    Phone: 509.828.1375
    Dan Anton received his physical therapy degree from Northwestern University and his PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences from the University of Iowa. He is a Certified Athletic Trainer and a Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist. He came to Eastern Washington University from the University of Iowa where he taught courses in ergonomics, occupational health and biomechanics of human motion. His research interests include physical exposure assessment, work-related musculoskeletal disorders of the upper extremity and spine, occupational epidemiology, and construction and agricultural musculoskeletal disorders.
  • Cindy Arlt
    Cindy Arlt
    Program Specialist
    HSB 270G
    Phone: 509.828.1374
    Fax: 509.828.1389

    Cindy works with Joe Palmer in Clinical Education.


  • Megan Chatellier, PT, DPT
    Megan Chatellier, PT, DPT
    Assistant Professor
    HSB 270 F
    Phone: 509.828.1372

           Megan Chatellier joined the faculty of EWU in the winter of 2011.  She received her BA in biology from Pacific Lutheran University and her Doctor of Physical Therapy from Eastern Washington University.  Prior to teaching at EWU, Megan worked in the clinical setting of acute care rehabilitating critically ill patients.   

    Within the doctor of physical therapy curriculum at Eastern, she teaches  integumentary therapeutics, neuromuscular systems, and cardiopulmonary,  She also serves as a research advisor for student case reports during their clinical rotations.

  • Kimberly Cleary, PT, PhD
    Kimberly Cleary, PT, PhD
    HSB 270-K
    Phone: 509.828.1373

    Kimberly Cleary joined the faculty of EWU in the fall of 2006, after teaching at another DPT Program in the Northwest for several years. She earned her BA in cultural anthropology magna cum laude at the University of California at Santa Barbara, master of physical therapy at Chapman University in Orange, Calif., and PhD in social and administrative sciences at Idaho State University in Pocatello, Idaho.

    She teaches the clinical anatomy course series, screening for medical referral, and the clinical research courses.  She has practiced in several clinical areas, with particular interests in wellness, prevention and health promotion. She has published and presented her research findings on topics like quality of life, especially in older adults with and without disease, fall risk in community dwelling elderly and factors influencing patients' participation in exercise. 

  • Jenna McDonald
    Jenna McDonald
    Manager of Operations and Admissions
    HSB 270A
    Phone: 509.828.1354
    Fax: 509.828.1389

    Jenna McDonald has a Bachelor's Degree in Recreation Management from Eastern Washington University.  She has lived in the Spokane area for over 25 years.  She is married and has three boys.  In her spare time, she volunteers as a swim coach, basketball coach, and coordinates a youth basketball league.  She enjoys running, hiking, and spending time with her family.

  • Meryl R. Gersh, PT, PhD
    Meryl R. Gersh, PT, PhD
    HSB 270
    Phone: 509.828.1360

    Meryl Roth Gersh, PT, PhD, is a professor of the Department of Physical Therapy at Eastern Washington University in Spokane, Wash. She has been a member of the faculty since the inception of the Physical Therapy Program in 1985.

    Professor Gersh has served as vice president of the Section on Clinical Electrophysiology of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), and is currently the Eastern Washington at-large director for the Physical Therapy Association of Washington. She also serves on the Electrotherapy Issues Special Interest Group and the Curriculum Guidelines Task Force for the Section on Clinical Electrophysiology. She has spoken extensively and provides clinical consultation on the topics of electrophysiology, electrotherapy, and pain management, and is the author of numerous articles on these subjects, as well as the editor of the text, Electrotherapy in Rehabilitation, published by F.A. Davis Company.

    Within the doctor of physical therapy curriculum at Eastern, she teaches the areas of professionalism and ethics, cultural competence, electrophysiologic evaluation and electrophysical agents, wound healing and management of multiple systems disorders. She serves as a research advisor on student case reports and has a special interest in qualitative research methods. She also functions as a third member on graduate committees for students throughout the university. Professor Gersh has received recognition for her professional and academic service, including the Award for Excellence from the Section on Clinical Electrophysiology, the Lucy Blair Service Award from the APTA and the Trustees' Medal from Eastern Washington University.

  • Amelia Jay, DPT
    Amelia Jay, DPT
    Director of Clinical Education
    Phone: Phone: (509) 828-1354
    Fax: (509) 828-1389

    Amelia Jay joined the faculty of EWU in the fall of 2017. She received her bachelors in Exercise Science from Eastern Washington University and a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Eastern Washington University. Before working as the Director of Clinical Education at Eastern, Amelia worked as a Physical Therapist in clinics such as Sacred Heart Medical Center, Northern Idaho Advanced Care Hospital and Kindred at Home. 

  • Tanya LaPier PT, PhD, CCS
    Tanya LaPier PT, PhD, CCS
    Endowed Professor
    Phone: 509.828.1358

    Tanya L. Kinney LaPier, PT, PhD, CCS, has been serving as a distinguished professor at Eastern Washington University since 2003. She has been working in physical therapy since 1993, when she was an assistant/associate professor at Idaho State University. When she wasn't teaching, she served as a cardiac rehabilitation physical therapist at both Buffalo General Hospital and Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center. She also coordinated the cardiac rehabilitation program at Bannock Regional Medical Center. She has received numerous awards, including the Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Section Best Poster Presentation from the American Physical Therapy Association.

    A full list of Dr. LaPier's education, professional background, awards, research, as well as the classes she teaches at Eastern Washington University is available in the attached vitae.

  • Fahed Mehyar, PT, PhD
    Fahed Mehyar, PT, PhD
    Assistant Professor
    HSB 270-L
    Phone: (509) 828-1364
    Fax: Fax: (509) 828-1389

    Fahed Mehyar joined the faculty of EWU in the fall of 2017. He received his bachelors in Physical Therapy from Hashemite University-Jordan and a Ph.D. in Rehabilitation Science from University of Kansas Medical Center. Before teaching at Eastern, Fahed held a position as a Traveler Physical Therapist at Execu-Search Group, New York. 

  • Elena Skornyakov PT, DPT, PhD
    Elena Skornyakov PT, DPT, PhD
    Assistant Professor
    HSB 270-K
    Phone: (509) 828-1359
    Fax: (509) 828-1389

    Elena Skornyakov joined the faculty of EWU in the fall of 2017. She received her bachelors in Exercise Science and her Doctor of Physical Therapy from Eastern Washington University, and a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Washington State University. Elena is also a Physical Therapist at Sacred Heart Medical Center and has previously held research positions at Washington State University and Eastern Washington University. 

  • Darl Vander Linden PT, PhD
    Darl Vander Linden PT, PhD
    Physical Therapy Professor
    HSB 270-K
    Phone: 509.828.1363

    Dr. Vander Linden (Ph.D.) is a graduate of Iowa State University and received his Certificate of Physical Therapy from the University of Iowa. He went on to earn a Master's degree in Physical Therapy from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and his Ph.D. in Exercise Science from the University of Iowa.

    Dr. Vander Linden has extensive clinical as well as research experience in developmental disabilities and pediatric physical therapy. His clinical work has included working with children in public schools and in providing consultation to early intervention and residential programs for developmentally disabled children and adults. He is active in the Pediatric Section of the American Physical Therapy Association.

    He has published in the field of rehabilitation and motor control and is an Associate Editor of Physical Therapy for Children.

  • Margarita Vera
    Margarita Vera
    Office Assistant 3
    HSB 270 A
    Phone: 509.828.1357
    Fax: 509.828.1389

    Margarita came highly recommended to us from the Registrar's Office with more than 5 years of experience at EWU.  


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