Adjunct Faculty Spotlight: Jennifer Day

March 7, 2017 By aking50
Catalyst Building looking west

Jennifer Day is an adjunct faculty member for MPH. She earned her Masters of Public Health from the University of Michigan and, as an undergraduate, studied cultural anthropology at Washington University in St. Louis and the University of Sussex.

Her primary focus is global health, health inequity, reproductive health and HIV/AIDS.  She has designed, implemented and evaluated health programs, as well as developed national policy planning tools. She has managed translational research studies, from Phase I, II and III clinical trials to operations research, as well as at the community, district, national and global levels, primarily in Africa and Asia.

Her key research interests include access, quality of care, behavior change communication, women’s empowerment, men’s reproductive health, non-communicable diseases, health system strengthening, and new health technologies.

She has also been actively volunteering locally to improve our community’s health. She serves on the Boards of numerous organizations like Vets Garage (EWU’s OT program has also been helping these veterans), Group Health Inland Empire Foundation, Community Detox Services of Spokane, as well as on the Boards of local non-profits working overseas: Healing Hearts Northwest and Partnering for Progress. She also recently worked with City Council members to revise the Centers & Corridors guidelines to create more multi-modal, pedestrian-friendly developments, and has served on the City’s Pedestrian, Transportation and Traffic Committee and the Executive Committee of my Neighborhood Council.

Jennifer brings her health and cultural anthropology perspectives to class, to share the variety of ways public health professionals in the US and around the world are addressing some of the most critical health issues of our time.