Dental hygiene students help veterans

February 15, 2018 by chsph

The EWU Dental Hygiene Department participated in their eighth consecutive Vets’ Day this year, providing a low-cost dental services to veterans.

For the third year, the event included the involvement from the inter-professional teams from the College of Health Science and Public Health, who treated 45 veterans with dental care, including health screenings for 12 of those veterans. Dental examinations, radiographs, dental cleanings and hearing loss screening were among some of the services provided.

Together, 120 CHSPH students, faculty and staff, including 12 from WSU, supplied $21,539 worth of dental services. Follow-up appointments were also scheduled for some clients.

Students reflected on the experience as a way to gain insight to other health fields from their peers as well as being a part of a diverse health team.