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Career Fair Tips

Before the Fair

Research the companies
Check what companies will be at the fair and research your top choices. Think of some questions you'd like to ask them.

Prepare a Brief Introduction
Think of how you'd like to introduce yourself and practice. At a minimum, this should include your name, what you're studying, your class level, and why you're interested in the company. Your introduction shouldn't take longer than 60 seconds.

Practice Your Interviewing Skills
Some employers are prepared to interview potential candidates at the career fair or very soon after. Set up a mock interview with your Career Advisor now to start practicing your interview skills early.

Perfect your resume
Start perfecting your resume at least two weeks before the fair. The sooner the better. Emphasize skills, experiences, and education that are related to your career goals. Career Services can help you with this. Attend a Resume 101 Workshop, Resume Blitz, Resume Drop-In Hours, or make an appointment with your Career Advisor. Make your appointments as early as possible as they tend to fill up quickly during fair time. Download our Resume Guide for some extra help.

Dress Professionally
You get one chance to make a first impression, so make it count! Men should wear a business suit. If you don't own a business suit, slacks and a clean pressed button down shirt and tie is okay. For women, you should wear a pant or skirt suit. If you wear a skirt it should be a conservative length and no shorter than just above your knees. Closed toed dress shoes should be worn by all. For women, avoid stilettos and opt for a flat or more conservative heel. For styling tips and ideas visit the EWU Career Services Pinterest page.

At the Fair

Make a great first impression
Make eye contact, smile, and say hello. Shake the employer's hand, and introduce yourself with details from your previously prepared introduction.

Ask questions
Ask questions about the company that aren't readily available on their website.


  • What opportunities are available for someone with my background?
  • I noticed on your website that you're working on.....<project>.... Could you tell me more about that? 
  • I heard you saying that you're not hiring right now. When do you anticipate hiring and where would be the best place to check for upcoming job openings?
  • What kinds of things can I be doing now to prepare myself for a job in this field?

Stand out from the crowd
Employers not only look at skills related to the field, but also soft skills such as communication, stress management, confidence, and love of learning. Display these traits while talking to them and provide examples when appropriate.

Be courteous
Don't monopolize the employers' time and be respectful of others waiting to speak with the employer. Don't focus too much on the giveaways. Remember to say please and thank you.

Wrap it up
Towards the end of the conversation, ask if you can offer them your resume or if they prefer that you apply online. Ask for a business card so you can follow up with them after the fair.

After the Fair

Follow up
Sending a thank you note or email after the fair is a good opportunity to remind employers of your interest & skills. Check spelling, grammar and tone before sending!

Did you get an interview or find a great opportunity?
Connect with EWU Career Services to get help with interviewing skills, resumes, cover letters, negotiating job offers, and other professional development concerns. Make an appointment with a Career Advisor to get started.

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