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  • Assisting in creating and implementing professional development components for your classes.
  • Collaborating with you to identify key organizations for potential internships and full-time professional jobs.
  • Advertising any of your professional development events at whatever range and scope you prefer.
  • Conducting in-class or out-of-class presentations and workshops on a variety of professional development topics:

- Major-specific career options and articulating transferrable skills
- Resume, curriculum vitae, and cover letter development
- General career resources and research
- Networking and career fair preparation
- Graduate school research and application
- Etiquette events

Don't Cancel Class - Schedule a Class Visit

There are times when you may not be able to teach your class for personal or professional reasons. Those times might be perfect for having a career day in class. Career Services staff members are available to present workshops to classes, clubs, and living learning communities.

  • Visits can range between 15 and 90 minutes depending on the topic and are usable in lecture, workshop, or collaborative work formats.
  • Visits can be tailored to a major and/or class-specific goal.
  • We will meet with your class at its regular time, take attendance, and present on a career topic of your choice.
  • We will provide students with an evaluation of the visit.
  • Afterward, we will provide you with attendance, and copies of the evaluations.

To schedule a class visit, contact the career advisor for your college.

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