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EWU Career Mentoring Program

The EWU Career Mentoring Program matches current Eastern students with Eastern graduates or friends of Eastern that have similar career and academic interests.

The purpose of the program is to establish a relationship in which the Career Mentor can help develop the Student Mentee's professional and personal growth, enhancing  networking and decision-making skills, as well as offering advice from a "real world" professional's perspective. The goal of the program is to assist students with a successful transition from the life of a college student to the life of a professional.

Time Commitment

On average, students spend about four hours a month with their mentor.

Who Can Apply?

Currently, declared Business, HR, Marketing, Accounting, Finance, Operations Management, VCD, Engineering, Computer Science, Biology and Communication Studies majors are eligible.

Mentoring Groups

A unique facet of the program is the group arrangement. Three to five Student Mentees will be matched to one Career Mentor according to academic and professional interests and background. Not only will more students be able to benefit from the program, but it will encourage collaboration and networking between the students. The group arrangement should also ensure the best use of the Mentor's time, as well as create a fun and cohesive environment. 

Students selected to be a part of the program will demonstrate a commitment to career development, professional collaboration and networking with alumni.

Program Activities

Career Mentors and Student Mentees are expected to talk, email, Skype or meet at least once a month, as a group or individually. Eastern Career Services Staff and Alumni Association Student Engagement Committee will assist in facilitating communication, organizing program opportunities, and offering overall support.

The following are examples of monthly activities (Mentors/Mentees are encouraged to share additional ideas and topics):

  • Participate in Career Services events
  • Review resume/cover letter (email)
  • Job shadow
  • Mock interviews (Skype, phone, in-person)
  • Stay connected via LinkedIn
  • Share internship/volunteer/job opportunities (email)
  • Attend community networking events
  • Attend a professional/civic organization meeting

Next Steps

Once we receive your completed packet we will make arrangements for you to meet your group! You will also be invited to join the EWU Career Mentoring Program LinkedIn Group. We ask that you please create a LinkedIn account, if you have not done so already.


Please call 509.359.6058 or email

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