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How to Set up an Internship

Many employers make hiring decisions with recent graduates based on the professional experience that a student gains during an internship or other experiential learning. We strongly recommend completing two internships during your coursework, even if your major program does not require them.    

How internships work

An internship involves three partners: your Faculty Internship Advisor, the Internship Site Supervisor,  and the Internship Coordinator with Career Services.  Your Faculty Advisor is already assigned to you based on your major. Look at page 2 of the Internship Learning Contract Packet to identify your Faculty Internship Advisor. These partners work together to ensure that you have the best internship experience possible.  

Documents you will need

Setting up your internship

Step 1: Find an internship site

Some companies may already have an internship program in place. Those internships are often posted in the employment section of the company's website. If you do not see any posted, do not hestitate to contact me, or the company directly and ask them if they have internships available.  More general search resources are available here.

Find out about avoiding online job scams and protect yourself from identity theft.

Step 2: Meet with your Site Supervisor and Faculty Internship Advisor

Once you find an internship you must contact that Site Supervisor again to arrange an appointment with them so that you can discuss potential projects.  After, you want to present these Activities to your Faculty Internship Advisor so that you can further discuss your Learning Objectives and Progress Documentation.

Step 3: Log in to Handshake to Submit Your Internship Experience

 If you are a current student and are registered for classes, an account has already been created for you.

Step 4: Submit Your Internship Experience using Handshake

  1. Please download and follow the How to Submit Your Internship Experience guide
  2. Go to and login with SSO or your email address and password.
  3. Contact Romeal Watson, Internship Coordinator, if you have any questions.

Step 5: Enroll for Credit

  1. To register for credit, you must fill out your portion of the Special Course Approval/Registration Form.
  2. Take the form to your faculty internship advisor for an authorization signature.
  3. The form must also be signed by your Department Chair and Dean (your FIA can help you with this)
  4. Turn into Records and Registration, located in Sutton 201

Hourly commitment based on an 8 to 10-week period
1 credit   = 4 hours per week   = 32-40 hours per quarter
2 credits = 8 hours per week   = 64-80 hours per quarter
3 credits = 12 hours per week = 96-120 hours per quarter
4 credits = 16 hours per week = 128-160 hours per quarter
5 credits = 20 hours per week = 160-200 hours per quarter

**credit allowance is based on your departments

Step 6: Effective Winter Quarter 2018, your evaluations will be automatically sent to your Site Supervisor at the appropriate time.

You will be evaluated on your internship performance as a part of your grade at both mid-term and finals week.  Please remind your Site Supervisor if you do not receive a timely evaluation.

Deadlines for the 2017-2018 School Year

Fall 2017 Winter 2018 Spring 2018 Summer 2018
Learning Contract: 10-3-17* Learning Contract: 1-22-18* Learning Contract: 4-13-18* Learning Contract: 7-6-18*

* =  SCARF form must be "signed" by the following date to avoid late registration fees.


Romeal Watson, Internship Coordinator, is your main contact regarding internship questions. He processes your internship paperwork and keeps an archive of your internship. Note, however, that each college has a Career Services Advisor assigned to them. These advisors have more in-depth knowledge as to what you may be looking for regarding your internship and career.

If you are unsure which college you belong to, please contact our main desk at  509.359.6365 to be connected with the career advisor that specializes in your discipline.

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