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60-80% of jobs are gained through some form of networking, making it one of the most effective ways to link up with local professionals.  

Community Organizations

Don't sit at home. Search for career opportunities while you're out in public social venues.  This will give you more exposure as you search for jobs and internships.

Networking Events

Career Services offers many networking opportunities throughout the year. Whether it's through a career fair, meetup or attending a presentation, every social interaction is an opportunity to network.

Here are some other pages for events around the area:

Online Community (Social Networking)

Social media takes networking to a higher level.  If you use it correctly, it can be a powerful tool in searching for and advancing your career. Like other forms of professional networking, good etiquette is required.  

  • LinkedIn - Connect with colleagues and recruiters, follow organizations, share your experience, get endorsements and references, and showcase your expertise with article posts and links to projects.
  • Twitter - Share your knowledge and connect with experts in your field of interest.Don't just favorite and retweet. Create a conversation!
  • Field specific networks - Look for online communities that are specific to the field you're interested in and get involved by signing up, creating a profile, and connecting with other users.
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