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Virtual Labs 2.0

EWU Information Technology is launching Virtual Labs 2.0, a new, browser-based virtual lab that lets faculty and students access the applications they need from anywhere, including classrooms, the library, and at home. Virtual Labs 2.0 offers a variety of academic software programs, including ArcGIS, MATLAB, Mathematica, Minitab, SAS, SPSS, Stata, and more.

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CARES Act Emergency Grants

The purpose of this funding is to assist students who have experienced unanticipated expenses as a result of the pandemic. The amount of HEERF funding that institutions receive is primarily based on the number of high-need students enrolled.

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Student Emergency Fund Application Available

The Student Emergency Fund (SEF) provides limited, one-time financial assistance when students are unable to meet immediate, essential expenses because of a temporary emergency. Given the limited amount of funds, not all requests can be approved even though there may be a clear need for assistance. Situations that are longer-term or require more substantial funding—such as the loss of a job, reoccurring rent or utility payments, larger medical expenses, etc.—will be referred to the Financial Aid Office for a more in-depth review of possible funding options.

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Online Advising

The Center for Academic Advising & Retention (CAAR), Running Start, and the School of Global Learning are offering only online advising appointments at this time. Appointments can be scheduled online:

EWU Libraries and Learning Commons: Wherever You Are

Many EWU Libraries and Learning Commons services are in operation online and via “in and out lobby services” at JFK Library,

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Tuition & Fees

There are some fee adjustments:

  • S&A Fees: S&A Fees are tied to tuition. While we will be adjusting in-person events and activities for spring and cancelling events with more than 25 people, we will be providing remote and online engagement opportunities and continuing to support clubs and organizations. Students who pay tuition to continue in the spring will be supporting the university through the S&A fee.
  • Transportation Fee: As of Sept. 4, the $25 transportation fee for fall term (2020) has been waived.
  • PUB Fee: Students voted to approve this mandatory fee and it cannot be legally waived.
  • URC/Rec Fee: Students voted to approve this mandatory fee and it cannot be legally waived.
  • Online Delivery Fees: To support the development and delivery of high-quality online curriculum, while maintaining low costs for individual students, the university is reducing the delivery fee for all fall courses from $35 to $5. Previously, the $35 fee was assessed for those courses that were designed for online delivery.
  • Lab and Course Fees: These will continue to be assessed.
  • Tech Fee: This fee is mandatory and necessary to provide the online support students require. The institution is not considering increasing this fee at this time.
  • Health Fee: In addition to supporting MultiCare health services for students, the comprehensive health-fee supports a number of student services including, but not limited to, Counseling Services (CAPS) and Student Care Services. We are working diligently to provide online support for these services. This fee will remain in place for students who move fully online. Please be on the lookout for information on how to access these services.

Grading, Classes & Academic Resources

While most courses will be offered online, some exceptions will be made for face-to-face classes, such as labs. Course scheduling and offerings are currently in development. Every course will be scheduled as a synchronous meeting pattern (regular meeting days and times). For some courses, there may be an asynchronous component as well. Please consult with your class instructor, department chair, or academic advisor, as they will have the most up to date information as things continue to evolve.

Computer Access

As funding permits, students may be able to adjust financial aid awards to reflect the need for a computer.

The Laptop Kiosk (now located on the second floor) and the Print/Scan Station in the PUB is open with reduced hours coinciding with the building. The PUB Technology Center is closed. Other computer labs will be open as long as the buildings in which they reside are open (most buildings other than the PUB are closed to the public until the “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” directive is lifted).

Internet Access

EWU is offering Wi-Fi coverage in several campus parking lots in an effort to provide students and employees with internet access from the safety of their own vehicles. The temporary access is now available in these Cheney campus parking lots: Roos Field parking lot, Hargreaves-Isle parking lots, Showalter parking lot, Visitor Center parking lot and Sutton-Martin parking lot. Learn More

eduroam is a consortium that EWU belongs to which allows students, faculty and staff to access the internet across member networks with their EWU credentials. There are numerous available locations, including options on the north side of Spokane, downtown Spokane, Post Falls and Coeur d’Alene.

Other options:
  • Xfinity Internet Essentials – Internet Essentials is a low-cost, contract-free program for those who currently do not have internet access at home and have a limited income. Please note that some students have reported difficulty with the online application. If you experience these difficulties, you should contact Xfinity customer service representative to see if Internet Essentials is available in your area and if you qualify.
  • Spectrum Charter offers free internet for up to 60 days to households with K-12 and/or college students who do not already have broadband service. Installation fees may be waived for new student households. For more information and to enroll, call 844.488.8695.
  • Some mobile data plans allow you to tether your phone to your computer as an internet hotspot. Several telecom providers have suspended cell phone hot spot limits, which could make this a more feasible option. Check with your provider to determine whether this is a possibility based on your account.

The Center for Academic Advising and Retention (CAAR) is offering Zoom-only advising appointments. Students can schedule an appointment by visiting the CAAR website or by calling 509.359.2345.

The School of Global Learning has also moved to online advising. Students can schedule appointments using our online service or by visiting the School of Global Learning website.

Running Start is also offering online advising. Students can schedule appointments using our online service.

All PLUS services will be offered in an online format on Zoom. This includes study groups, tutoring, academic coaching, and drop-in tutoring for chemistry and math. All services are FREE. Our study group and drop-in tutoring schedules will be updated on our website. Academic coaching and tutoring requests can also be placed on our website. Contact PLUS if you have any questions.

Please visit the EWU Online Test Proctoring resource page for more information.

To help support our students in response to the coronavirus challenge, Academic Affairs will be implementing a new grade option: XC. This grade, while similar to an “incomplete” grade, is intended for student issues related to COVID-19 and its impact on learning and course and test delivery.

The XC grade indicates that the student is passing a specific course and will receive credit for it, but a final grade has not been determined because the student has some coursework to complete or to redo.

If you have concerns regarding your grade, please contact your faculty member. If you have additional concerns, please contact the Office of Academic Affairs.

Housing & Residential Life

Housing is open and available to those students who choose to live on campus. It will look a little different than most years, such as all single rooms and a reduced number of buildings open. We have an emergency plan in place in the event of any COVID-19 cases on campus. We will work closely with local and regional health officials to follow best practices.

The live-on requirement has been suspended for the 2020-2021 academic year. You do not need to complete an exception request if you are choosing to live off campus. When considering whether to live on-campus, consider that we can, and will, provide maximum flexibility with our contracts that a typical lease agreement will not be able to provide.

For more information, visit

We will only offer single rooms for 2020-2021, so you will not be able to share a room with your confirmed roommate. However, we know how much you were all looking forward to living with your roommates, so we will place confirmed roommate pairs next door to each other. We will also be taking building preferences submitted on your housing application into consideration. At this time we are not sure which buildings will be open, but we will do our best to put students into buildings they have requested. Furthermore, our professional cleaning staff is sanitizing bathrooms and common areas daily.

For more information, visit

Yes. Your access card will continue to work for your building until you check out.

The live-on requirement has been suspended for the 2020-2021 academic year. You do not need to complete an exception request if you are choosing to live off campus. When considering whether to live on-campus, consider that we can, and will, provide maximum flexibility with our contracts that a typical lease agreement will not be able to provide.

For more information, visit

Beginning fall 2020, EWU Dining Services and Housing & Residential Life will offer two meal plan options for students living on-campus, a standard meal plan or an upgraded meal plan. Contracts can be made on either a quarterly or annual basis.

Pricing | Contract Information

No, you do not need to complete an exception request if you are choosing to live off campus.

As of March 12, U-Haul is now offering 30 days of free self-storage amid Coronavirus outbreak. Learn More

Other providers may also have special offers available. 

Moving companies who can help you pack and ship belongings include:

Social distancing is a means of slowing the spread of infectious disease by reducing close contact between people. The best way to practice social distancing is to stay in your room as much as possible – no hanging out in lounges or other common areas.

When you do go out, stay six (6) feet from other people at all times. Wear a mask and wash your hands every time you leave/enter your room, a bathroom, or any other space where you’ve been in contact with surfaces that may have been exposed.

Practicing social distancing is essential right now. However, we recognize that this can be a lonely process. EWU Housing staff will be doing their best to provide opportunities for you to engage with others on different platforms online and over the phone. We also have staff available who can talk if you are feeling lonely or have any concerns. Call your residence hall’s on-call phone number if you want to connect with staff for any reason!

If you have any questions, do not go to your CA’s door. Get those questions answered via text, a phone call or email.

If you’re not feeling well for any reason, here are some key steps:

  1. Self-isolate in your room.
  2. Do not go to your CA’s door or the front desk with questions. Communicate via text, phone or email.
  3. Call MultiCare Rockwood at 509.235.6151 before seeking treatment at the clinic. Health professionals there will assess your symptoms over the phone. The clinic is also currently offering free e-visits to anyone who has COVID-19 symptoms through MultiCare Virtual Care to help you navigate the options, though wait times may be up to 24 hours. Use promo code “COVID19” at the payment page to unlock the free e-visit after completing their protocol.
  4. Immediately contact your hall’s on-call phone number to let them know MultiCare Rockwood’s recommendations. Our staff will be able to help support and provide important updates to campus leaders.

Student Life & Events

Social distancing strategies can take a toll on our physical health, social connections, and personal wellbeing. Here are our top five strategies, with helpful apps, to overcome these challenges and bring back control to your life.

1. Build a routine. Develop recurring to-do lists that lead to healthy habits. Be sure to include regular sleep times, targeting 7-9 hours each day. This will ensure you have the energy and focus you need to be active throughout the day.

Recommended app: Productive. Productive will coach you through small steps towards healthy habits. You can track good habits like flossing, eating healthy foods, and performing yoga.

2. Maintain a balanced diet. Fuel your body with the things you need to stay focused on school and more active during your free time.

Recommended app: MyFitnessPal. MyFitnessPal allows you to record the food you eat each day, tracking micro and macronutrients. This app also allows you to see your calorie intake and compare it against your energy output for the day.

3. Dedicate time and space. Designate different spaces in your home where you work, exercise, eat, and sleep. Do the same with your daily schedule: identify and protect your times for work, play, and exercise (aim for at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week).

Recommended app: Outlook. Outlook enables you to keep tabs on your school and personal email while also managing your personal schedule.

4. Engage with supportive communities. Active lifestyles are easier to maintain when you are a part of a supportive community. Keep in touch with your communities by following #EaglesOutside on social media or simply calling a friend to talk while taking a walking break outside.

Recommended app: Strava. Strava allows you to follow people in your local community and participate in various challenges. Check out the Eastern Washington University club on Strava to see other members of the EWU community who choose to be active.

5. Embrace the virtual. Several health and fitness companies have stepped up to help support active lifestyles through virtual platforms. Many of these platforms are specifically for college students. Below is a list of resources that can ease your transition into a “Stay Home, Stay Active” lifestyle.

Recommended apps:

Contact Chris Hoppe, Associate Director of Campus Recreation, at 509.359.7394 for more information. The Campus Recreation team is here for you through this challenging period.

SAIL has planned out a whole calendar of virtual events and other fun, safe activities to keep you entertained!

In-person campus events will be canceled in accordance with the governor’s directive. EWU is continuing to follow directives from public health and state officials regarding large events. 

EWU is following all guidance and directives from the NCAA and Big Sky Conference. Currently, all fall sports have been postponed until further notice.

Intramural and club sports are suspended until further notice, although some options that can follow social distancing measures may be available, such as e-sports. 

Due to the concerns with spreading the COVID-19 virus, the SAIL office is strongly discouraging any student organization (including sororities and fraternities) from hosting events off-campus. However, if an organization still chooses to host the event, they are expected to follow normal event register protocols for their event. Failure to follow the event registration process may result in further disciplinary review by the Student Rights and Responsibilities office. It should also be noted that many of the sorority and fraternity national headquarters have either banned or are discouraging their members from hosting events during this time.

We understand that the current COVID-19 pandemic is creating significant financial difficulties for individuals. There are a number of resources at EWU and in the Spokane community that may be of assistance to you during this difficult time:

If you were laid off, placed on standby status, or terminated from a job, you may be eligible for unemployment benefits. For information about eligibility for unemployment benefits and instructions on how to file a claim, go to

Food Insecurity
EWU’s Food Pantry Program is still available to all members of the EWU community. For information about the Food Pantry Program, including how to access these services during break, visit the food pantry website.

Second Harvest Food Bank is still operating and offering food assistance. For information about where to access these resources, visit the Second Harvest website.

Housing Assistance
The Governor of the State of Washington has declared a 30-day moratorium on all residential evictions for non-payment of rent or for termination of a month-to-month tenancy. You can find information about this moratorium as well as some of the other recent changes to laws about health care, mortgages, and court hearings on the Washington Law Help website.

SNAP is a community resource that provides housing assistance to people in need. Information about the services offered by SNAP is available at

If you are a student and need housing on campus, you can contact Housing & Residential Life at

Student Care Team
EWU’s Student Care Team is here for you, even if they cannot meet in person. If you are a student and have concerns about your well-being or need assistance in locating community resources, information about the Student Care Team is available on the Student Care Team website.

International Students

International students in F and J status are permitted to take online-only courses under the COVID-19 guidance issued by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Please enroll full time for fall term (12 credits undergraduate, 8 credits graduate). Your Immigration Advisor/DSO will document your full-time status based on the number of credits you are taking.

If you plan to take your classes inside the U.S. you will need to maintain a valid address. You must update your address within 10 days of the change by updating your “mailing/current” address in EagleNET.

In the very unlikely event that courses are moved from online to face-to-face, the online mode for the course would have to be maintained. If you have moved away from campus, you will still be able to continue in the online mode for the course.

Please contact your Immigration Advisor/DSO right away if you:

  • Plan to be less than full-time
  • Plan to take your online courses outside of the U.S.,
  • Will be graduating at the end of Winter term and need travel advice,
  • Or have any other questions or concerns about how these updates will affect you, your travel plans, and/or your immigration record.

For students on the Cheney or Spokane campus

For students on the Bellevue or North Seattle campus

Depending on where you are in your studies, you will have different options. Make an appointment to speak with your Immigration Advisor to go through your specific situation. Call 509.359.2331 or email to make an appointment.

Email to let your Immigration Advisor know that you may not be able to return for classes in the spring.

Continue to monitor the situation until we are closer to spring quarter. EWU is monitoring updates from the U.S. government to see if there will be exceptions or accommodations for students needing to return for studies.

Continue to monitor your government travel warnings and advisories as well as the U.S. State Department and CDC warnings as we get closer to the start of the fall term. Please note that due to the evolving nature fo the coronavirus outbreak there may be travel limitations. The School of Global Learning is monitoring the situation and will reach out to you with updates about fall quarter orientation. If you have questions, please email

Contact your Immigration Advisor at You may be eligible for an extension or other options for remaining in the U.S. legally. We will assist you with housing options if needed.

Feedback, Questions & Reporting

All members of the university community should report positive COVID-19 diagnoses or share their concerns and questions using the form below.

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