Computer Assistance

Some EWU students may have difficulty accessing technology with the move to online classes. We are here to help.

Who is eligible, and what are my options?

New options are being made available to students in need of technology during the move to online classes. Current EWU students in need of a laptop can request a Chromebook (based on availability) through the Student Care Team. For classes requiring a higher-end computer, you can contact Financial Aid for a possible computer loan.

Standard Computer

Student Care Team – Chromebook Grant

If a simple option for accessing the internet and your online courses will suffice, please apply for a Chromebook grant. Supplies are limited to availability.

  • Being provided with a Chromebook via this grant process will not impact your financial aid or the ability to pursue a one-time computer loan, if applicable.
  • The Chromebooks are very basic models that should meet the needs of students who do not otherwise have access to a computer for online classes.

Apply Below

Higher-End Computer

Financial Aid – One-Time Computer Loan Funding

If you need a higher-end computer for classes that require more power and features (engineering, design, etc.), you can contact the Financial Aid Office for a possible computer loan. The maximum loan is $1,000, assuming you have sufficient remaining eligibility. This process can take up to six (6) weeks and any balance due to EWU will be paid first prior to the release of funds.

  1. Contact Financial Aid at 509.359.2314 to request a one-time computer loan and, if applicable, you will be provided a form to complete the request process.
  2. Research the computer you need, obtains a quote and include that information with the loan request to Financial Aid (maximum $1,000 in assistance).
  3. Financial Aid will evaluate the request and, if approved, loan funds will be issued to you.

This is a one-time exception for the duration of student attendance at Eastern.

Contact the Financial Aid Office

Student Care Team Chromebook Grant Application

Please note: Supplies are limited, and our ability to get additional laptops may be lessened due to global availability. If your request cannot be fulfilled, a waiting list will be created on a first-come, first-served basis.

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