Bachelor of Science in Data Analytics


The Bachelor of Science in Data Analytics will prepare you to work in diverse fields such as science, education, medicine, government and business. In the Data Analytics program, you’ll study how data is collected and analyzed to make decisions by applying descriptive, predictive and prescriptive models. You’ll learn how to think critically, communicate effectively and use different technical, analytic and modeling skills. Graduates of this program will have strong technical and quantitative abilities to enter the emerging field of data analytics or to continue with graduate studies.

Learning Outcomes

Curriculum & Requirements

Learning Outcomes

Students who successfully earn a BS in Data Analytics from EWU should be able to do the following:

  • analyze a variety of data types, including both structured data and unstructured data;
  • build mathematical models to assist decision-making processes;
  • discuss ethical issues related to data analytics;
  • interpret analytic information visually to relevant audiences;
  • make critical decisions to engineer data management.

Enrollment Data

Undergraduate Business Students


BAB/BS Degrees Awarded in 2019-20


Students in the MBA Program


MBA Degrees Awarded in 2019-20


Full-Time Faculty Members