Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies: Prior Learning


Do you have more than five years of professional working experience? Looking to complete a bachelor’s degree? The Bachelor of Arts degree with Prior Learning is designed for you.

Eastern’s program is based on the philosophy that adult learners have acquired university-level learning through their career experience. Prior Learning participants are awarded elective credits by articulating and illustrating their experiences in a portfolio that is evaluated by EWU faculty. Portfolios are prepared during enrollment in the ITDS 300 Portfolio Development course.

Curriculum & Requirements

Interdisciplinary Studies: Prior Learning Major, Bachelor of Arts (BA)

This program is designed for the adult who comes to Eastern with professional preparation and experience.


  • this program enables the adult learner to translate experiential learning into elective credit through the development of a portfolio;
  • portfolios are submitted to faculty members who determine the credit award, (up to 45 maximum elective credits);
  • portfolio assessment does require a fee: please contact the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies for current fee;
  • two years of a single high school foreign language or one year of a single college-level foreign language is required.
Students design a 60-credit, upper-division emphasis that meets their specific goals and objectives. Specific courses are not required other than ITDS 300. A student may earn up to 45 elective credits for prior learning experience that can be applied only to the Interdisciplinary Studies degree. 60
Total Credits60

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