Scholarship Opportunities


The Armin W. Arndt, Jr. Children’s Studies Scholarship was established in 2008 as a monument to the legacy of Arndt’s contribution to the creation, development, and expansion of the Children’s Studies program. He had a commitment to each student in the program and the children whose lives they would change. This award is for $1,000 and is presented annually to a student selected by the program affiliated committee.


To qualify for the scholarship you must:

  • Have declared you major and been accepted into the program
  • Demonstrate financial need
  • Excel academically
  •  Contribute positively to fellow students or to the larger community
  • Be a member of an ethnic or racial minority OR
  • Be a first-generation college student OR
  • Be a non-traditional student (returning to college after many years, or be a student with children)

How to Apply

Students interested in applying for the Armin W. Arndt, Jr. Children’s Studies program scholarship must email or mail the following materials:

Marysa Rogozynski
Graduate Research Assistant
202 Senior Hall
Cheney WA, 99004
P: 509.359 4549


  • A minimum 1-page statement describing what interests, talents, and goals brought you to the Children’s Studies program, your career goals, and how you meet the qualifications for this scholarship
  • Unofficial transcripts of all college or university classes completed

Application closes April 9.

Armin W. Arndt, Jr.

Arndt joined the faculty of EWU in 1972 and received his PhD in developmental psychology in 1973. He was an outstanding professor known for how much he cared for his students, and his love to facilitate their academic learning. Arndt served on many academic committees and MA degree committees for students in a variety of fields. He was always eager to support projects and programs that furthered the fulfillment of students’ professional expertise and personal happiness. Much of his greatest life satisfaction came from mentoring and learning from his students, especially those in the Children’s Studies program. On April 26, 2008, Arndt passed away from a terminal illness. This scholarship is a way to honor his memory and rich contributions which aided in the culmination of this program.