CPP Alumni Feature: Heather Morris Tuip

May 2023

by Mya Brossoit

The College of Professional Programs is proud to recognize EWU School of Psychology Alumna, Heather Morris Tuip.

Heather graduated from Eastern in 2022 with her Bachelor’s degree. She majored in Psychology and minored in Communications while attending college and is now pursuing her doctorate in clinical psychology from Antioch University in Seattle. She is currently working on her first pre-internship at Swedish Health Services and plans to participate in a pre-internship at Monroe Correctional Complex in the future.

The academic course load of my major and minor gave me a solid foundation for my grad school aspirations.

When asked about her experience at EWU, Heather recalls the enjoyable, small, class sizes that EWU’s Bellevue satellite offers. This provided her with the deep support and access to professors that influenced her college career in big ways.

The small class sizes at the EWU Bellevue College campus and the easy, supportive access to the professors there allowed me to pursue research interests that gave my grad school aspirations wings.

Though she reports her time at Eastern fondly, her trajectory through school did not occur as planned. Along with many students around the world, Heather faced the obstacle of online school amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. As she questioned the certainty of her planned future and academic goals, Heather tells of how the pandemic’s effects shaped her character for the better.

Keeping a flexible mindset helped me stay flexible in the face of the new challenge of online classes. This mindset has continued to help me overcome unplanned obstacles elsewhere in my life and studies.

She gratefully describes the smooth transition EWU was able to make during this sudden event. Heather shares how “EWU was able to quickly pivot and switch to an online format which meant that I was still able to graduate on time.”

Heather credits  Dr. Kevin Criswell & Dr. Jillene Seiver for their influence and support during her academic journey. While attending the Bellevue campus, she recalls the firm values EWU holds in caring for students as their community and making sure they belong.

When advising other students, Heather recommends Eagles visit professors during their office hours and intentionally seek out mentorship and further support from them. She reminds students that it is “never too early or too late to find a mentor.”

Heather also highlights a great accomplishment she achieved recently. With her developed knowledge and skills, she was able to present on Reproductive Justice at Antioch’s Symposium “Liberation from Colonialism Now: Promoting Research Activism.” Along with that, she is now working diligently on a manuscript outlining a recent phenomenological reproductive justice study.

As the College of Professional Programs, we honor Heather Morris Tuip for all her hard work and perseverance!