CPP Alumni Feature: Leo DeBroeck

November 2022

by Mya Brossoit

The College of Professional Programs is proud to recognize EWU School of Psychology, Alumnus, Leo DeBroeck, LMHC, CMHC.

Leo DeBroeck graduated from EWU in 2016 with a Master of Science in Clinical Psychology degree and a Certificate in Suicide Assessment, Treatment, and Management. Leo is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) and Child Mental Health Counselor (CMHC), and works in many positions within the Psychology field, including the President and Founder of Counselor’s Choice Award, LLC, where licensed mental health counselors review and promote scientifically validated counseling products, therapeutic tools, and books.  Leo also teaches part-time at EWU and Bellevue College, and is an independently published author of children’s therapy books.

On the spectrum between purely a research school or purely a technical school, EWU offers an intelligent balance to produce students who are, upon graduation, ready to be a force for good. -Leo DeBroeck

When asked to reflect upon his experience at EWU, DeBroeck speaks of the pivotal influence faculty played during his experience.  EWU faculty, he recounts, “explicitly care first about their students’ well-being with an unrelenting force.” Leo recalls the deep impact and life-long lessons provided faculty members Kayleen Islam-Zwart, Keely J. Hope, Jonathan Anderson, Stacey Chay, Dennis Anderson, and Pamela Barnes. As a mental health professional, he puts this knowledge into action every day.

…I was prepared to work in a system in [sic] which I knew of [sic] many of the harsh realities prior to fully entering the field of work. The psychology [sic] program was able to do this through having clinical faculty who actively work in a plethora of different mental health backgrounds, not just ones who have a private practice. -Leo DeBroeck

Like many students, DeBroeck faced and overcame many obstacles along the way. He worked night shifts while going to school full-time, and states that once he was so tired “I found my milk in the cabinet and the cereal box in the fridge”. He also had a car that broke down nearly every month and no money to repair it, so he had to do repairs himself “reading the shop manual…this was prior to YouTube tutorials”. Leo notes that without the Graduate Service Appointment (GSA) he received during his program, that provided him with a tuition waiver and a stipend, he would have had to wait a few years to get his masters degree, due to the cost. He confidently speaks of his decision to pursue his degree in Clinical Psychology:

I was certain that counseling was the profession I would be a best fit for and went straight for it and never looked back.

DeBroeck is motivated to help others, not only via therapeutic means, but also by creating resources for child therapy. He continues to prove his grit as he faces the challenges that accompany the publication of sensitive topics such as addiction, abuse, and neglect.  DeBroeck notes that there are not many spaces in the marketplace to publish his works without being flagged as inappropriate or containing violent content. “This is not inaccurate,” he states. “The books touch on very serious subject matters” and are not meant for the general public. DeBroeck has turned to self-publishing as an option to share these resources.

The College of Professional Programs proudly honors Leo DeBroeck for his meaningful contributions to the mental health field and the support provided to those he serves.

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