CPP Alumni Feature: Marissa Zuniga

October 2022

October 31, 2022 By Amy Laskowski

The College of Professional Programs is very proud to highlight EWU School of Psychology Alum Marissa Zuniga.

 Marissa Zuniga currently works as a Behavior Specialist, soon to be Family Therapist, at Rogers Behavioral Health in Seattle. She graduated with a BA in Psychology in June 2020. She recently received her Masters in Applied Child and Adolescent Psychology, has obtained her Licensed Mental Health Counseling Associate credential, and is progressing toward full licensure. Marissa hopes to become a child and adolescent anxiety and OCD therapist.

My academic program greatly prepared me for my career…the program at Eastern did a good job preparing me for graduate school and I felt like I had a very solid foundation. –Marissa Zuniga

At Eastern Washington University, we often talk about having grit; tenacity to learn, achieve and inspire. EWU Alum Marissa Zuniga has that grit. EWU School of Psychology Professor Kevin Criswell, PhD, suggested we take the time to catch up with this talented EWU graduate.

There were many times where [I] almost decided to just focus on working and making money… – Marissa Zuniga


I knew deep down graduating college was one of my biggest dreams and goals and I would forever regret not finishing. – Marissa Zuniga

Like many of our students, changing circumstances changed Marissa’s educational journey.  Moving to Washington to be closer to family, Marissa took a two-year break from school. After hearing good things about EWU, and learning of the opportunities offered at our Bellevue campus, she discovered we were a perfect fit.

Something I wish I knew before starting college was that it’s okay to not know what you want to do for the rest of your life. I put so much pressure on myself trying to find the “perfect” major and had everything mapped out to get a “good” job… –Marissa Zuniga

While at EWU, Marissa reports changing majors four times. She is glad she did as she found the path to the career that was perfect for her. Marissa encourages current EWU students to take advantage of all the opportunities (including the fun ones) and get out of their prospective comfort zones to meet people and challenges. Marissa herself joined Psi Chi, the Psychology Honor Society, to network with peers and gain a sense of connectedness. She also credits her success to small class sizes, amazing faculty who model enthusiasm and passion.

[I] got to know my professors on both an academic and personal level. I also love the community of Eagles that extends far beyond the campus in Cheney! I’ve met people in other states wearing their EWU swag and everyone I’ve met on and off campus have been friendly and proud to be alumni of EWU.

Thank you Marissa for sharing your story and thoughts to current students. We are very proud of you!

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