CPP Student Spotlight: Andrew Tse

January 2023

by Mya Brossoit

The College of Professional Programs is proud to highlight Andrew Tse, a Finance major in the EWU School of Business.

Originally from Hong Kong but born in Minneapolis, MN, Andrew pursued his education in the United States. He completed his associate’s degree at Whatcom Community College before enrolling at Eastern. Tse is currently earning his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) degree with a major in Finance, and a minor in Economics. He plans on graduating Fall Quarter 2023.

When asked about his area of academic study, Tse says that he loves numbers and wants to do something related to society.  After considering studying Professional Accounting, he decided to major in Finance instead, due to his interest in investment strategies for stocks and bonds.

Before earning his associate’s degree, Tse was advised to check out Eastern by a friend.  When he decided to attend Eastern for his bachelor’s degree, Andrew made the choice to embark on an adventure despite any obstacles along the way.

Once at Eastern, Tse not only faced typical challenges of new students but also discovered trials involved with studying abroad. He recalls the language barrier of being an English as a Second Language (ESL) speaker and experiencing culture shock while trying to work and complete school projects.

My greatest achievement is becoming an independent person after moving far away from my relatives / parents. – Andrew Tse

In spite of many challenges, Andrew learned to adopt new communication skills and methods through daily life, and schoolwork. Andrew takes part in outdoor recreation trips sponsored by EPIC Adventures, where he gets to spend time with a small group of other EWU students on an outdoor adventure.  He uses the Spokane Transit Authority (STA) buses to get around town with other international students (STA travel is free for EWU students with your EWU ID card) which he notes helped save him money as a college student.  He hopes to earn his one day obtain a commercial driver’s license (CDL) so he can serve the international community as a driver for STA.  Due to his patience and grit, it is evident that Tse demonstrates Eastern’s core values.

Andrew encourages other students in his area of study to focus hard on the problem they are trying to solve and use effective methods of learning to apply the material. One tactic he suggests is to rewrite problems or theories by hand to enhance memorization and increase success.

After completing his bachelor’s degree in Finance, Tse plans on pursuing a  Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in 2024. He intends on using the skills he has cultivated at EWU and apply them in the workplace after graduation.

Andrew tells of how he learned the importance of personal responsibility, leadership and teamwork while attending Eastern and how he was able to apply what he’s learned to applying/interviewing for internships.  Tse carefully invests in his future. Not only does he display diligence in his academics, but he inspires other students to learn and grow, building a solid foundation for their personal development as a professional.

As the College of Professional Programs, we proudly acknowledge Andrew Tse for his achievements and efforts!

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