Faculty and Staff Participate in Team-building Activities at CPP Spring Retreat

The College of Professional Programs seeks to promote inclusive professionalism through transformational learning experiences that empower students. Student success is achieved through our shared values of cooperation, opportunity, service, cultural responsiveness, and compassion. To reach this goal however, it must begin with a demonstrated commitment by faculty and staff members themselves.

On May 17th, the faculty and staff within the College of Professional Programs (CPP) at EWU gathered in the PUB NCR for a small break to generate some R&R, connectedness, and team building.  These resets are crucial for continued success. Taking the time to remind ourselves that it takes grit, grace, gratitude, and greatness to support each other and our students. As seen in the photos, having a short time to relax, connect with others, and working together to collaborate as a team led to smiles and appreciation for those involved.