Students Excel in Business Simulation

June 3, 2021
business students

Students in Management 490: Department Senior Capstone, utilize Capsim business simulation software, which place individuals in the role of executive management at a multi-million dollar company, competing directly against other real or simulated teams to grab market share and grow their business. Student teams analyze the industry, markets, and competition, and then formulate and execute a strategy to grow their business. Students make key decisions across the four major functions including research & development, marketing, production, and finance. Teams are benchmarked to 2,445 peer teams of undergraduate students from teaching and research universities including Ohio State University, Rochester Institute of Technology, Temple University, University of Cincinnati, and York University, among others.

During spring 2021, the following teams, taught by Dr. Yanxin Liu and Mr. James Clanton, finished in the top ten percentile:

387 Andrews Team
Tanner Driscoll, senior, management information systems
Brandt Gunning, senior, finance and marketing
Carly Jansen, senior, marketing
Joseph Porco, senior, finance

813 Andrews Team
Thomas Dicks, senior, professional accounting
Jonathan Smitamorn, senior, marketing
Jack Sparling, senior, marketing
Yanan Yan, senior, professional accounting

386 Baldwin Team
Mikayla Deming, senior, human resource management
Diana Gouskova, senior, finance and marketing
Grant Hannan, senior, marketing
Michael Kelley, senior, supply chain management
Melissa Meza, senior, finance

387 Baldwin Team
Cole Patterson, senior, finance
Sam Perry, senior, management
Robin Robles, senior, marketing
Les Marcello Whittekiend, senior, professional accounting

814 Baldwin Team
James Brooks, senior, professional accounting
John Drohman, senior, finance
Jordan Scholten, senior, international business
Gabrielle Towne, senior, business analytics

387 Digby Team
Quinlan King, senior, management information systems
Artemio Valdez, senior, marketing
Kyle Woodlief, senior, finance

833 Erie Team
Ahmed Alghamdi, senior, finance
Patrick Bailey, senior, marketing
Levi Nelson, senior, marketing
Kyle Van Hout, senior, marketing

In addition to the team challenge, students take the CompXM final exam, which is a comprehensive simulation-based exam to determine business aptitude and measure program learning outcomes. Subject Areas include strategy, finance, accounting, human resources, operations, and marketing.