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Brenda Dervin's Connecting with Specific Publics

  • Feb 
Date and Time

Thursday, February 10th 8:00am-11:00am


Les Scwab Room, Spokane Arena, Spokane WA


Event Details

Brenda Dervin

Connecting with Specific Publics:

What do They "Really" Think, Want, Need, Experience, Feel?


8:00 Continental Breakfast

RSVP call 509.359.6081 or

8:30-9:00am Presentation

Human beings, both when acting and individuals and wehn organized as collectives, always have what they consider to be ideas, facts, opinions that must be shared with others. The problem. however, is that every word "must" lead to thinking about communication as persuasion and/or message tranfer.

9:30-11:00am Workshop

Instructional Workshop for a smaller group of this audience on using SMM (Sense-Making Methology) to better understand the user in strategic enrollment management, advancement, information campaigns, alumni development, etc.


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