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Addiction Studies Foundation Certificate

This certificate program enhances competence in identifying and addressing basic issues that arise when working with various addictions by providing courses aligned with state and national standards in addiction treatment. In addition, this certificate offers courses required by the Prevention Specialist Board of Washington for Associate Prevention Professional candidates. Completion of the 'Addiction Studies Foundation Certificate' is a complement to any major. Students will receive an Addiction Studies Program Certificate upon completion of the requirements. *Please note: This program certificate is for currently enrolled EWU students and not an independent program.

What will I study?

Suggested Courses (12 credits):

ADST 300: Survey of Alcohol/Drug Problems (4)

ADST 308: Cultural Issues in Addiction Treatment & Behavioral Health (4)*


ADST 412: Physiology & Pharmacology of Addictions (4)

Please choose additional courses from the list below:

ADST 302: Counseling Theories for the Addiction Professional (4)

ADST 310: Globally Speaking: What About Drugs? (4)**

ADST 410: Community Prevention Methods (4)

ADST 430: Addiction Treatment w/Families (4)

ADST 442: Screening & Assessment  for Co-Occurring Disorders (4)

ADST 444: Treating Co-Occurring Disorders (4)

ADST 462: Adolescent Addiction Assessment & Treatment (4)

* University approved Culture and Gender Diversity requirement.

** University approved International Studies requirement.


After completing the required courses listed above, please email the following information:

1. Your name, as you would like it to appear on your certificate.

2. Your Student ID Number for verification.

3. The mailing address you would like the certificate to be sent.



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