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Preparing for Oral Defense

Planning the date for your Oral Defense is important. You must have all plans for your defense made at least 14 days before the end of the quarter you intend to graduate. You will be asked by the Graduate Studies Office to make contact with your committee Chair, your committee member and the third member of your committee appointed by the Graduate Studies Office in order to find a date that is agreeable to all concerned. Oral Defenses are not scheduled during vacations or summer quarter unless you have the approval of your committee.

You will need to mail a Terminal Research Approval Form to the Graduate Studies Office, signed by your Chair and second committee member, with the date you have chosen for the defense. This form also documents that your committee members have reviewed your thesis or research project, and they have approved you to schedule your defense.

By this point, you should have shown your finished research project or thesis to your Chair and your second committee member and received their feedback. After making any necessary corrections, you will need to make three copies for review by the entire committee. You need to deliver these to all three committee members no later than two weeks before your Oral Defense.


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