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Preparing for Your Research Project/Thesis

The first stage in beginning your research project/thesis is to choose a specific topic and have it approved by your committee Chair and second committee member.

As you begin your research, an essential item to consider is whether or not your data collection methodology will require the use of human subjects, which also includes procedures such as interviews and surveys. Federal Law requires that any experiments or research involving human subjects be submitted to an Institutional Review Board (IRB).

The University's Institutional Review Board policy and procedures apply to any research activity which involves human subjects, whether it is:

  • research undertaken on a large or small scale,
  • preliminary or fully designed,
  • student or faculty research,
  • funded or non-funded,
  • potentially involved with minimal risk or more than minimal risk.
The main considerations and responsibilities of the IRB are to determine:
  • the potential risks to research subjects are adequately addressed and their anonymity assured when appropriate;
  • that adequate explanation of the potential risks and safeguards, as well as benefits are given to the subjects and their consent to participate is validated;
  • that the risk:benefit ratio to the subjects is clearly articulated.

The entire IRB policy and EWU's IRB procedures can be found on line, or at the Office of Grants and Research Development in 210 Showalter Hall. Careful review of the policy is necessary for any student prior to working with human subjects.



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