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Undergraduate Minor

The Disability Studies Minor is a 20-25 credit hour program that educates students about disability, disability culture, and the lived experiences of persons with disabilities. In addition to Certificate requirements, DSST 420 addresses diverse groups including disabled persons in human rights contexts. In DSST 430, students learn about the place of disabled people by looking as expressed in drama, writing, philosophy and other societal and cultural expressions. 

Disability Studies is also an optional area of study for students pursuing an Interdisciplinary Studies major. 

What will I study?

Undergraduate Minor Courses (20-25 credits):

DSST 310 Disability, Culture and Society (5)
DSST 410 Disability as Diversity (5)
DSST 490 Senior Capstone/Universal Access: Project in Universal Access (5)

Plus at least one of the following two courses:

DSST 420: Human Diversity and Human Rights (5) and/or
DSST 430: Disability: Critical Perspectives from the Liberal Arts and Humanities (5)

Emphases / Concentrations:

  • Perceptions of disability throughout history and in contemporary society
  • Disability culture and the contributions of disabled persons in society
  • Laws and policies influence the lives of people with disabilities
  • Societal representations of defining disability including the moral, medical and social models
  • Disability as a characteristic in the diverse tapestry of society
  • Intesectionality of multiple diversities and identity groups such as gender and gender identity, race and ethnicity, religion and spirituality, and other belief systems and characteristics
  • Universal access for disabled people and other diverse groups
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