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Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Military Science

Student Learning Outcome

A degree is offered in Military Science, however, this is an extensive, large load. The Army does NOT require a major in Military Science, but this degree is an option.

Students will:

-- know and apply basic individual and unit military skills and leadership while functioning
in a tactical environment as a member of a squad or platoon;

-- know and apply time management skills and troop leading procedures to develop and
articulate a complete five paragraph Operations Order;

-- know and apply a basic understanding of Army operations, training management, safety,
risk management, counseling and communications as a member of the Cadet Battalion
Chain-of-Command; critically analyze the current Operational Environment in which our
Armed Forces are deployed to better prepare to serve as a Platoon Leader.

What will I study?


Although not required for completion of the basic course or the advanced course, the department
does offer both a major and a minor in Military Science with permission only.

The major in Military Science is designed to give the student interested in a military career a
broad background in various academic areas.

Note: two years of a single high school foreign language or one year of a single college level foreign
language is required.


Required Courses (minimum of 116 credits)

CMST 200 Introduction to Speech Communication (4)

CMST 438 Topics in Leadership and Strategic Communication (5)

CMST 440 International Communication (5)

CSBS 310 Foundations of Social and Behavioral Sciences Theory (5)

CSBS 320 Introductory Statistics for the Social Sciences (5)

ENGL 205 Introduction to Technical Communication (5)

GOVT 204 Introduction to International Politics (5)

GOVT 323 American Foreign Policy (5)

HIST 350 War and Society (5)

MLSC 101 Basic Military Skills I (1)

MLSC 102 Basic Military Skills II (1)

MLSC 103 Basic Military Skills III (1)

MLSC 104 Basic Military Skills Lab (1, 1, 1)

MLSC 201 Basic Military Teambuilding I (2)

MLSC 202 Basic Military Teambuilding II (2)

MLSC 203 Basic Military Teambuilding III (2)

MLSC 204 Basic Military Teambuilding Lab (1, 1, 1)

MLSC 301 Military Science and Tactics I (2)

MLSC 302 Military Science and Tactics II (2)

MLSC 303 Military Science and Tactics III (2)

MLSC 304 Military Science and Tactics Lab (2, 2, 2) *

MLSC 307 Leadership Development and Assessment (8)

MLSC 401 Military Science and Officership I (2)

MLSC 402 Military Science and Officership II (2)

MLSC 403 Military Science and Officership III (2)

MLSC 404 Military Science and Tactics Lab (2,2,2) *

MLSC 490 Military Science Capstone (5) (for Cadets not currently in Guard or Reserve units)

MLSC 495 Military Science Professional Internship (6)

Requires 2 credits per qtr for 3 qtrs (for Cadets that are currently members of Guard or Reserve)


Students must complete one of the seven following concentrations, minors, or
certificates in addition to the MLSC required courses.


The Application of Leadership (20 credits)

CMST 451 Argumentation and Persuasion (5)

CMST 430 Communication in Organizations (5)

PSYC 381 Social Psychology (5)*

Plus one of the following:

CMST 411 Negotiation Skills and Strategies (5)

PSYC 431 Stress and Coping (5)

SOCI 263 Social Problems (5)


Cultural Awareness for Military Leaders (20 credits)

ANTH 336 Geographies of Conflict in the Middle East (5)

GOVT 327 Politics of Developing Nations (5)

Plus one of the following:

ANTH 320 Middle Eastern History and Culture (5)

ANTH 342 Tribes, Bands, and Chiefdoms (5)

Plus one of the following:

HIST 301 History of Present (5)

HIST 311 Colonialism and Nationalism in Southeast Asia (5)


US Government and Policy (20 credits)

ECON 450 Public Finance and Public Policy (5)*

Plus two of the following:

GOVT 321 International Organizations (5)*

GOVT 332 The U.S. Presidency (5)*

GOVT 335 U.S. Congress (5)*

Plus one of the following:

ECON 412 Economic History of the United States (5)

ECON 470 International Economics (5)*

ECON 474 International Finance (5)*

ECON 475 Economic Development (5)*


Modern US Military History (20 credits)

HIST 301 History of the Present (5)

HIST 481 History of American Foreign Relations (5)

Plus two of the following:

HIST 440 History of WWI (5)

HIST 441 History of WWII (5)

HIST 454 Diplomatic History of Europe (5)

HIST 487 Economic History of the United States (5)


Certificate In Geographic Information Systems (27 credits)

GEOG 323 GIS Environmental Science (3)

GEOG 328 Geographic Information Systems I (5)

GEOG 428 Geographic Information Systems II (5)

GEOG 429 Geographic Information Systems III (5) (replaces MLSC 495 6 credits)

GEOG 493 GIS Portfolio (2)

Plus one of the following:

GEOG 332 Geography of Latin America (4)

GEOG 333 Geography of Monsoon Asia (4)

GEOG 335 Geography of the Pacific Rim (4)

GEOG 336 Geographies of Conflict in the Middle East (5)

Plus one of the following:

GEOG 321 GIS for Social Sciences (3)

GEOG 427 Desktop Mapping (3)

GEOG 499 Directed Study (3)


Health Services Management Minor (20 credits)

HSAD 300 Health Care Organization and Administration (4)

HSAD 310 Health Care Supervision (4)

HSAD 322 Health Care Technology (4)

HSAD 410 Health Law, Regulation and Ethics (4)

Plus one of the following

HSAD 435 Process Improvement in Health Care (4)

HSAD 460 Long Term Care Administration (4)


Journalism Minor (either 20 or 22 credits)

JRNM 330 Mass News Media (5)

JRNM 332 News Writing (5)

Plus one of the two following options:


JRNM 333 Advanced News Writing (5)

JRNM 341 Reporting (5)

Public Relations

JRNM 451 Introduction to Public Relations Theory (4)

JRNM 452 Advanced Public Relations Theory (4)

JRNM 453 Public Relations Writing (4)

* Classes require prerequisites


Note: the above major will require more than 12 terms (or four years) to complete at an average
of 15 credits per term.

**An alternative lab will be provided *for students not seeking a commission in the US Army.**

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