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Minor in Military Science

Student Learning Outcomes


Any Cadet who contracts and completes the Advanced Course of the program automatically earns a minor in Military Science (as long as they declare it with the university)

Students will:

-- know and apply basic individual and unit military skills and leadership while functioning
in a tactical environment as a member of a squad or platoon;

-- know and apply time management skills and troop leading procedures to develop and
articulate a complete five paragraph Operations Order;

-- know and apply a basic understanding of Army operations, training management, safety,
risk management, counseling and communications as a member of the Cadet Battalion
Chain-of-Command; critically analyze the current Operational Environment in which our
Armed Forces are deployed to better prepare to serve as a Platoon Leader.

What will I study?


Required Courses:

HIST 350 War and Society (5) or HIST 300 American Military History (5)

MLSC 301 Military Science and Tactics I (2)

MLSC 302 Military Science and Tactics II (2)

MLSC 303 Military Science and Tactics III (2)

MLSC 304 Military Science and Tactics Lab (2, 2, 2) *

MLSC 401 Military Science and Officership I (2)

MLSC 402 Military Science and Officership II (2)

MLSC 403 Military Science and Officership III (2)

MLSC 404 Military Science and Tactics Lab (2,2,2) *

* Classes require prerequisites


Competency in English/Math/Computer Literacy must meet university requirements.



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