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Race and Culture Studies Required Courses and Electives

Undergraduate program

For the undergraduate program of study, a Bachelor of Arts in Race and Culture Studies is offered.

As a major in Race and Culture Studies you will take a core set of courses that will introduce you to the general concepts regarding race, gender, class and culture and how these social formations overlap and intersect. In addition, you will choose an area of concentration from the following three areas: Africana Studies; American Indian Studies; Asian and; Chicano/a and Latino/a Studies. Some courses will focus on the discrete historical experiences and cultural contributions of these groups; others will engage in comparative analysis.


Foundation Courses (40 credits)

CSBS 330 Integrated Research Methods (5)

RCST 101 Introduction to Race and Culture (5)

RCST 202 Race, Privilege and Power (5)

RCST 304 Liberation and Social Change (5)

RCST 430 Research Methodologies in Ethnic Studies (5)

Required (choose two)

AAST 101 Introduction to Africana Studies (5)

CHST 101/ANTH 161 Introduction to Chicano Culture (5)

IDST 101 Introduction to Indian Studies (5)

Required Capstone

RCST 490 Capstone (5)

or IDST/CHST/AAST 491 Senior Thesis (5)

Degree Options-choose two of the three emphasis areas for the BA.



AAST/HIST/HONS 215 Early African American History (5)

Choose (15 credits)

AAST/HONS/HUMN 214 Introduction to African American Culture (5)

AAST/HIST/HONS 216 20th Century African American History: 1877 to the Obama Era (5)

AAST 301 Harlem Renaissance: Reconstruction to 1930 (5)

AAST/HIST/HONS 315 African History: Ancient Africa to Mandela (5)

AAST/SOWK 320/SOCI 371 African American Family (5)

AAST 331 History and Dynamics of U.S. Slavery (2)

AAST/ANTH 347 Peoples of Africa (5)

AAST 375 African American Cinema: 1915-1990 (5)

AAST/ENGL 381 Contemporary African American Literature (5)

AAST/ECON/424/WMST 426 Economics of Poverty and Discrimination (5)

AAST/WMST 430 From Mammies to Jemimas: The Black Women's Struggle (5)

AAST 435 Negro Spirituals (1)

AAST 481 Dr. King and Malcolm X: A Comparison (2)

AAST 495 Africana Studies Internship (1-5)

AAST 499 Independent Directed Studies (1-5)

ART 310 World Art (5)


Required (10 credits)

CHST/HIST 218 Chicano History (5)

CHST/WMST 230 Chicanas and Latinas in the United States (5)

Choose (10 Credits)

CHST 300 Survey of Chicano Literature (5)

CHST 310 Latinas and Latinos in the U.S. Media (5)

CHST 320 Chicano-Latino Politics in America (5)

CHST 330 Latino Immigration to the United States (5)

CHST 331 The Latino Family in the U.S. (5)

CHST 340 Latina/o Communities in the U.S.: Field Research in Chicana/o Latina/o Studies (5)

CHST 495 Chicano Internship Practicum (1-5)

CHST 498 Chicano Experience (1-5)

CHST 499 Directed Study (1-5)



IDST 321 Contemporary Indian Issues (5)

Choose (15 credits)

IDST/ENGL 380 Survey of Native American Literatures (5)

Note: only one Salish language class 201, 202, 203 can count here.

IDST 201 Salish Language and Culture I (5)

IDST 202 Salish Language and Culture II (5)

IDST 203 Salish Language and Culture III (5)

IDST/HIST 316 American Indian History I (5)

IDST/HIST 317 American Indian History II (5)

IDST 325 Native American Writing (5)

IDST 330 Indian Wars Past and Present (5)

IDST 338 American Indian Cinema (5)

IDST/ENGL 380 Survey of Native American Literatures (5)

IDST/CHST 420 Readings In Decolonization (5)

IDST 421 Federal Indian Law and Policy I (5)

IDST 422 Federal Indian Law and Policy II (5)

IDST/WMST 477 Contemporary Indigenous Women (5)

IDST/HIST 480 Native American Oral Traditions (5)

IDST/EDUC 485 Indigenous Education (5)

IDST 495 Indian Studies Internship (1-5)

IDST 497 Workshops, Short Courses, Conferences (1-5)

IDST 498 Seminar (5)

IDST 499 Directed Independent Study (1-5)

Required foundation courses 40 Credits

Two required emphasis areas 40 Credits

Minimum total credits for above major 80 Credits


The mission of the academic minor in the Study of Race and Culture is to contribute to the overall mission of Eastern Washington University "to prepare broadly educated, technologically proficient, and highly productive citizens to obtain meaningful career, to enjoy enriched lives, and to make contributions to a culturally diverse society." More specifically, RCST provides Eastern Washington University students a comprehensive interdisciplinary curriculum that contributes to their understanding and appreciation of the experiences, concerns and perspectives of the three major historically marginalized populations, (African Americans, Chicanos/Latinos and Native Americans) in the United States.

Central Core Emphasis of the RCST Minor : Students majoring in RCST enroll in a core curriculum using interdisciplinary and comparative perspectives. RCST minors study the history, culture, social-economics and political realities of these communities. More specifically, RCST minors gain insights about international connections relevant to these groups as well as participate in research and community based study to augment classroom learning.

Notes: *in order to graduate with a BA in Race and Culture Studies students must have a minimum grade point of 2.0 and all courses completed towards the major must be 2.0 or better.


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