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Gender Studies Certificate

A Gender Studies certificate provides an advantage for students who want to increase their knowledge of gender issues and enhance their qualifications for a wide range of careers.

The Gender Studies certificate offers Eastern Washington University students an interdisciplinary, critical study of gender and its social impact. The certificate program is designed to broaden student understanding of the ways in which gender is developed, constructed, and expressed in attitudes and institutions of modern societies. The certificate provides a strong interdisciplinary core and choice of electives to complement students' areas of interest and major disciplines. The capstone or practicum experience enables students to apply theoretical knowledge in a variety of occupations.

What will I study?

Certificate Requirements (23-28 credits)

Required Introductory Courses (4-5 credits)

Choose ONE of the following:

WMST/HUMN 101 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies (5)

WMST/HUMN 310 Issues in Women's and Gender Studies (4)

Required Courses (5 credits)

Choose ONE of the following:

WMST/CMST 314 Gender and Communication (5)

WMST/PHIL 417 Women and Ethics (5)

Required Experiential Component (3-5 credits)

Choose ONE of the following, must be approved by the Women's and Gender Studies Director:

WMST 490 Senior Capstone Seminar (4)

WMST 495 Internship or Practicum Experience (3-5)

WMST 499 Directed Study (3-5)

Elective Courses (11-13 credits)

Select 11-13 credits of Women's and Gender Studies courses. No more than 5 credits from the theoretical emphasis section of the distribution list will count toward the certificate. Students should consult with the Women's and Gender Studies Director on the choice of electives.

You can find more information on the Gender Studies certificate, as well as a list of courses and the full distribution list, here.

Students who are completing a minor in Women's and Gender Studies as well as a Gender Studies certificate may only count one course for both the certificate and the minor: WMST 101 or WMST 310. No more than 3 credits of summer workshops may be counted toward the minor.

Emphases / Concentrations:

  • Flexible program that complements a wide variety of majors or degrees.
  • Women's and Gender Studies courses are cross-listed with many different departments, which offers variety and diverse perspectives on a broad array of topics.
  • Lots of choice in coursework; certificate coursework can be planned around your interests, needs, and career goals.
  • Capstone or practicum experience is designed to facilitate students' abilities to apply their knowledge in a variety of occupations.
  • Women's and Gender Studies courses offer insights into topics and issues meaningful to students who care about diversity, humanity, society, and the world.
  • Women's and Gender Studies faculty come from a variety of disciplines.
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