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Women's and Gender Studies Major

Women's and Gender Studies offers students an interdisciplinary examination of women's roles, contributions, history and experiences as well as a critical study of gender structures in societies and cultures in the U.S. and the world. It utilizes gender, along with race and class, as a category of analysis, helping students investigate the role that gender plays in our history, literature, art, politics, education, sports, health and family. The integrated B.A. degree program is comprised of courses from a broad array of disciplines in five different colleges, and provides a strong foundation in the humanities and social sciences. 

Our courses offer deeper insight into issues of oppression and create awareness of sexism, racism, and other biases. Our faculty teach students to expand their way of thinking, broaden their perspective, analyze difficult material, build convincing arguments and understand how gender interactions affect the business environment, as well as the cultural, emotional, familial, institutional and political impact.

What will I study?

Major Requirements (45-52 credits)

Introductory Courses (4-5 credits)

Choose ONE of the following:

WMST/HUMN 101 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies (5)

WMST/HUMN 310 Issues in Women's and Gender Studies (4) [This course is also offered online]

WMST 411 Feminist Methodologies (5)

Foundation Courses (4-5 credits)

Choose ONE of the following:

CSBS 310 Foundations of Social and Behavioral Sciences Theory (5)                                                        

CSBS 320 Introductory Statistics for the Social Sciences (5)                                                                 

DSCI 245 Data Analysis for Business (4)

Core Courses (8 credits)

WMST/HUMN 410 Feminist Theory (4)

WMST 490 Senior Capstone Seminar (4)

Experiential Learning (4 credits)

Choose ONE of the following:

WMST 495 Internship (4)

WMST 495 Internship (2) PLUS WMST 499 Related Paper (2)

WMST 499 Directed Study Research Project (4)

Electives (23-25 credits)

Select 23-25 credits of Women's and Gender Studies courses to meet the minumum of 45 credits for the Major. The courses must cross-list with at least three different disciplines. Students should consult with the Women's and Gender Studies Director on the choice of electives.

You can find more information on the Women's and Gender Studies major, as well as a list of courses and the full distribution list, here.

A Women's and Gender Studies major requires the completion of a minor or a second major, as well as two years of a single foreign language at the high school level or one year of a single foreign language at the college level. In addition, students must complete at least 25 credits of this major at Eastern Washington University. 

Emphases / Concentrations:

  • demonstrate knowledge of historical perspectives on feminist thought and feminism as a movement;
  • analyze connections among societal structures such as gender, race, class, age and sexuality that contribute to women’s oppressions;
  • demonstrate knowledge of global perspectives on gender and/or women’s issues;
  • demonstrate knowledge of women’s individual and collective cultural contributions;
  • analyze the role of language in producing and perpetuating cultural attitudes;
  • demonstrate familiarity with the multiplicity of views within feminist scholarship.

What could I do with my degree?

  • Women's and Gender Studies courses provide graduates with opportunities for employment with various types of organizations: public, private, government, and non-profit. Women's and Gender Studies graduates can enter such fields as law, politics, the arts, education, communications, health care, counseling, business, and sports.
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