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Amanda ReedyWelcome to the Eastern Washington University School of Social Work. The School provides MSW and BASW degree programs and is the only public institution presenting MSW programs in eastern Washington. In addition to the MSW and BASW programs offered at the main campus in Cheney, part-time MSW Programs are additionally offered at Eastern’s other sites in Spokane and Everett. Students perform field training in over 750 field agencies located throughout the state of Washington and northern Idaho.

No matter which specific program you are interested in, our School, together with its faculty and staff members, is committed to serving the social work education needs of the diverse populations and urban-rural communities of the northwest. We believe our approach to teaching not only allows flexibility in student learning options, but it also reflects a commitment to student-centered focus in social work education.

We take pride in our commitment to educating first-generation social work students, as well as those from underserved communities. Our graduates enter into social work practice with skills necessary to organize their communities to address historical oppression and social justice in a multicultural context. Toward this end, our students, faculty, and alumni work together to plan and provide clinical services to individuals and families, organizational and program development assistance to communities in need, and engage in governmental and political activities in a wide variety of work settings that improve the lives of needful and oppressed clients.

Now is the right time to be pursuing a professional social work career. Current social and economic conditions nationally and regionally create a growing need for students who are dedicated to helping diverse clients to attain social justice and to advance the needs of disenfranchised children, youth and families. The School of Social Work helps BASW and MSW students to satisfy these educational and professional goals through the use of a generalist and advanced generalist educational model that addresses the variety of culturally and regionally tailored skills and knowledge social workers need to benefit human welfare and community life in the rural and urban areas they serve.

Wherever your ultimate practice interest may lie, our full- and part-time programs present a curriculum structure in a format that fits the variable professional and social needs of today’s busy and active students. Students are encouraged to shape their coursework and field practicum experiences to meet students’ individual needs and interests.

Our faculty members regard their teaching as their primary responsibility, and they take pride in the personal attention they give to every student. They engage in important research partnerships with regional scholars and institutions with the primary goal being to promote social and economic justice. Many of their accomplishments are highlighted in the Curriculum Vita posted on our web site.

Eastern has a vast network of alumni who are social work practitioners, administrators, leaders and writers throughout the region who are effective and passionate social and organizational change agents. Our alumni partners contribute to our newsletters, participate in volunteer projects for regional social service organizations, and host a variety of alumni events. Alumni also partner with our Social Work Advisory Board to ensure that our School continues to meet educational objectives and social challenges as they arise. I hope you will join us in our sincere efforts to promote human and community well-being.

Chair & Director Amanda Reedy

Senior Hall 102
Cheney, WA 99004
P: 509.359.6486

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