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Student Employment


Students are hired to perform various duties within the Biology Department. These duties include: teaching assistant, lab and research assistant, office help, computer lab monitor, caretakers for aquatics, greenhouse, and specimens/collections.

Work Study Students Are Encouraged to Apply: Due to a limited budget, many of our student employees come from the Work Study Program. Students are awarded work study grants based on financial need. Please visit the Work Study page on the Student Employment site to learn more about these opportunities.  

Benefits of Working in the Biology Department:

  • Students have the opportunity to work with faculty, staff, and other students in the department and gain biology-related knowledge and skills.
  • Students gain new skills that can be used in the classroom or other settings.
  • Students get work experience without leaving the EWU campus, providing possibility for flexible work schedules.


Jobs vary from dish-washing to research projects. What is most important is that our student employees are motivated, self-directed and responsible. The following are job descriptions for positions available to student employees.

  • Lab Assistant: Perform a variety of tasks that may include solution preparation, lab set-up, dish-washing, or media preparation.
  • Office Assistant: Perform duties in the main Biology office such as typing, filing, copying and customer service.
  • Greenhouse Aide: Help maintain the department greenhouse. Duties include potting, watering, transplanting, and general clean-up.
  • Collections/Specimen Caretaker: Assist in the care of specimens used in labs/research.
  • Aquatics Aide: Assist in the care of the Aquatics Facility, including tank cleaning.
  • Teaching Assistant: Teach students in a lab setting with or without professor present. These jobs are mostly filled by current graduate students or undergraduates with expertise in the teaching area.
  • Computer Lab Consultant: Monitor the Biology Department Computer Lab and assist students with software applications.
  • Research Assistant: Work closely with a faculty member on a research project. Normally faculty seek out students they know from class. If you have an interest, ask a faculty member if they need your help. Many times this can be the beginning of a long term job or at the very least a valuable experience!



You will need to activate an EagleAXIS account to apply for positions within the Biology Department.  Please visit the Student Employment website for details on creating this account, searching for positions and applying for openings.    

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