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Science Olympiad Team Announcements

Science Olympiad Team AnnouncementsScience, Olympiad, Team, Announcements

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 Team coaches, please check this page regularly for updates and other announcements. Click here for Q&A regarding events.

Date Announcement
2/18/16 Announcements page. Please pass this page/link on to all assistant coaches/students/parents - have them regularly check to ensure everyone has info needed. This is intended to cut down on the number of e-mails coaches receive and to ensure no key piece of information is missed. Coaches/teams are responsible for all information posted to Announcements by 5PM Thursday, April 14. Any announcements posted after that will be identified at the [informal] Opening Ceremony or, if of vital importance, emailed to coaches.
2/18/16 Campus Tours. A regularly-scheduled campus tour will leave at 2:00 p.m. on Friday, April 15, from the EWU Visitor's Center. A special tour for Science Olympiad participants maybe available 3-4PM. Call 509.359.6555 or email for reservations. Private tours may be arranged for large groups. Contact the Visitor's Center for more information.
2/18/16 For teams coming to the state tournament for the first time ... be aware that we have a Parade of Teams as part of the Closing Ceremony. Please have 2-4 students who will represent your school by carrying your banner or school sign.
2/18/16 Students competing in closed events may not return to the event room if they need to leave after the event begins (such as leaving to go to the restroom).
2/18/16 Science Olympiad team participants may NOT bring cell phones or other communication devices into closed event locations. Event supervisors will be asked to collect phones brought into closed events.
2/18/16 Sign up for all sign-up events will take place prior to the tournament starting approximately April 4. Coaches will be sent an email with details on how to sign up (and will also be posted to Announcements). See Event Q&A for more info. Only coaches (or identified designee) may submit team sign-up times. Teams missing pre-sign-up, will need to sign up at event location on tournament day.
2/18/16 Should parents of Science Olympians have an emergency and need to contact their child on Saturday, April 16, call 509.359.7676; or for emergencies, call 911.

For general info on campus police, see
2/18/16 Mission Possible - B Division. Transfer Sequence Lists need to be faxed to 509-359-7450 by noon Friday, 4/15. Or scan (if necessary)/e-mail to by noon Friday. Only if absolutely necessary, turn in at team registration Friday.
2/18/16 Mission Possible - B Division. Be sure Transfer Sequence Lists have team name AND team number clearly identified ... otherwise, Event Supervisor will not be able to match up to team at impound/sign-up. These need to be submitted by noon Friday 4/15 (see above announcement for fax # or e-mail). Be sure to use the TSL format identified on the national web site:
There will be points deducted for not using the official template.
2/18/16 What to bring to registration. Reminder that coaches need to bring the following to team check-in on Friday, 4-6PM in PUB Multipurpose Room or late registration Saturday, 7:30-9AM in the Pavilion: (1) Signed Roster/Ethics Form and (2) Photography Release. Both forms are available online. On the Roster-Ethics Form, please be sure printed students' names are legible and that all students have signed. B Division teams MUST turn in their Mission Possible Transfer Sequence Lists at Friday's check-in if they haven't previously faxed or emailed.  B Division teams must turn in Food Science notebooks at check-in Friday or Saturday (be sure the ONLY Food Science content is in the notebook ... or minimally that students will NOT have access to any other content that is in the notebook).
2/18/16 Entertainment for Closing Activities/Ceremony will be announced later. [But leaning toward Trivial Pursuit/Truth or Dare to commemorate WSO's 30th anniversary. Details will be posted to Announcements ASAP.]
2/18/16 Trial Events Participation. Trial events at the 2016 Washington Science Olympiad Tournament are B Division: LEAF Challenge and Potions & Poisons; C Division: LEAF Challenge and Radio Lab. Teams participating in these events at the state tournament should download above link (rather than going to the national Science Olympiad web site). Coaches, please notify us whether your team plans to compete ... so we can make necessary accommodations. NOTE: Alternates may compete in trial events.
2/18/16 Impound Impound will be from 8:30-9:00 at the event location, with ONLY ONE EXCEPTION (B Division Food Science notebooks must be turned in at team registration). Students planning to compete in the event do NOT have to personally impound ... but be sure that whoever impounds has student names (correct spelling), team name and team number.
2/18/16 Admitted Student Day - the EWU Admissions Office annual Spring open house for new students and their families will be on Friday, April 15. Science Olympiad participants and their families are invited to attend sessions. This means there will be a lot of extra traffic on Friday and some parking restrictions may be implemented on Friday PM.
2/18/16 Elastic Launched Glider (B Division) and Wright Stuff (C Division) - celing height will be posted ASAP.
2/18/16 Spring Break ... keep checking Announcements ... plus Build Events Pre-Sign-Up - Even though many of you will be on Spring break next week or the following week, please keep checking announcements or assign designee to keep up with announcements. Of primary importance will be building events pre-sign-up. Information will be posted to Announcements some time within the next 2 weeks. If the coach of record will not be available/checking announcements/e-mail over the next 2 weeks, please send name/e-mail for designee who will be responsible for event pre-sign-up to Sue Murphy.
2/18/16 Build Events Sign-Up - All sign-up events (with exception of LEAF Challenge trial event) will run 9AM-3PM and teams registered for each hour will show up at the top of the hour. ONLY for the 3 identified block-scheduled events (B Division: Picture This; C Division: It's About Time and Protein Modeling) must all teams from the same school sign up for the same hour. In all other sign-up events multiple teams from the same school may sign up for different hours.
2/28/16 Team List with Team Room Assignments - should be posted by 3/25/16.
2/28/16 Coaches Forum - There is a Coaches Forum from 3-4PM (to be posted to the master schedule later). This is during the period that teams would be moving out of team rooms and making their way to the Pavilion for Closing activities. This is an opportunity for coaches to get together - something not normally afforded at most tournaments - and discuss best practices or other issues pertinent to Science Olympiad. All coaches are encouraged to make every effort to attend (e.g., have a parent oversee team room clean-up). The session will conclude in time to get to the closing activities and be with your team.
3/18/16 Guest WiFi - WiEWUGuest is available for anyone's use while on campus. There are no passwords, but users will need to agree to "Unsecured WiFi Conditions."
3/18/16 Invasive Species - B & C Divisions. Additions to national list: NONE!
 3/25/16  EXCITING NEWS!!!!! I just learned that WA will advance 2 B Division teams to nationals! C Division is fairly far down the list, so I wouldn't hold out for another C team going to nationals.
 3/25/16 Team List is being prepared right now, but heads up ... since some tournaments only had X rotations, it is possible that your team/s will not keep your X or Y rotation. I will do my best to keep as for regional tournament, but check the Team List as soon as posted to find out your rotation.
 3/26/16  Team List and Room Assignments have been posted. Click on link to go to Team List page.
 3/28/16  Elastic Launched Glider - B Division and Wright Stuff - C Division. Ceiling height of Pavilion: Approx 52 feet to the lights and 57 feet to the ceiling. There is also a center amplifier console in the center that hangs down approximately 15 feet.
 3/28/16  Game On - C Division. Specifications:

32 x Dell Optiplex 9020 w/ Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4770 CPU @ 3.40, 8GB RAM, running Windows 7.

 3/28/16 Registration Packet. This info was previously provided, but just wanting to make sure everyone's aware. At this point, coaches should open the Registration Packet ASAP. Read the letter - it provides most of the general info needed for the state tournament. The checklist provides a way to mark off what you've completed. Two items needing [fairly immediate] attention: T-Shirt Order Form and intent to compete in trial events. Sometimes we run out of certain shirt sizes. Orders will be filled first-come/first-served. So the sooner you get your T-Shirt Order Form in, the better chance you will have of getting all the sizes you need. We should actually have extra shirts, so if you have an assistant coach, feel free to request an additional shirt.

Getting an idea of the number of teams competing in the trial events will help us plan better. Please let Sue Murphy know ASAP. Thanks!
 3/30/16 Wind Power - B & C Divisions. This a national FAQ from Camas HS coach - just passing on so all teams were aware.

Question: Does a team not having a device also constitute as missing impound and therefore receive the 15 point deduction? If this is not so, then it could be better to not have a device rather than have one that misses impound or has a construction violation because deductions come out at the end on the total. So there is a potential to receive a -15 score for a zero on part 2 and a blade that has a construction violation.

Answer from nationals: No, not having a device does not count as missing impound. See 5.g. answers that question. This is intentional, since not having a device automatically results in 0 points, but by missing impound teams still have a chance to score positive points. The Wind Power Excel scoring sheet on the event page automatically calculates this for you.
 3/30/16 Schedule Change. It's About Time and Protein Modeling - C Division - have cut back from 6 sign-up hours to the 4 hours on WSO Unified Schedule. Revised schedule has been posted to Schedules page.

Still working on finalizing the B/C/Master schedules that include info on Impound, Opening, and Closing Ceremonies. Hope to have on web site by 4/4.
 3/30/16 Check-In Packet. All pages have been updated on web site, including closeup of the campus map, so you can identify which buildings will be used for events and team rooms. All team rooms are in Patterson Hall.
 3/30/16 Schedule Change. LEAF Challenge (Trial Event) - B & C Divisions. Sign-up will only be 11AM-3PM. See schedule.
 3/31/16 Experimental Design - C Division. Lab coats and gloves will be provided, but students must have Category C eye protection.
 3/31/16 Room/location changes. Several changes are in the works and will be resolved ASAP. Be sure you do NOT make copies of current schedule (other than identified times) for students. Hopefully revised schedule with final rooms will be posted by Wednesday, April 6.
 4/1/16 Updated Schedule. Hopefully this will be last of [major] schedule/room changes ... but, again, the schedule is not final until 5PM Thursday, April 14. So please do not make/distribute copies to students/coaches/parents too soon! We are still waiting for a room revision on Protein Modeling - C Division.

Other room changes on current schedule are for Crave the Wave - B Division, Experimental Design - B & C Divisions, Invasive Species - B & C Divisions, and Green Generation - C Division.
 4/1/16 Build Event Sign-Up. Coaches have been sent an email outlining the build event sign-up process. Coaches only (or identified designee) need to reply to Sue Murphy with requested sign-up times by noon Friday, April 8. If coach did not receive email by 2PM today (4/1), contact Sue.
 4/5/16 Updated Schedule includes new room for Protein Modeling - C Division. With the recent room changes, the close-up campus map has been revised. This also includes a changed location for Bottle Rocket - B Division (still in Playfield 1 - just moved to west end of the field ... structure provides cover in case of inclement weather.
 4/8/16 Air Trajectory - B & C Divisions. Ceiling height for PUB MPR is 20 feet to the nearest obstruction (lights) and 25 feet to ceiling.
 4/11/16 Build Event Sign-Up Draft. Click on link to open what is currently scheduled for the sign-up events. Please contact Sue Murphy by 7AM Wednesday, April 13, with last-minute changes. After that, change requests will need to be made with the event supervisor at the event location on Saturday. A final schedule will be posted by 5PM Wednesday.
 4/11/16 WSO 30 Truth or Dare. Be watching for information on your chance to win prizes during the entertainment portion of the Closing Ceremony. First teams to sign up will have a better chance for winning!
 4/12/16 Bridge Building - B & C Divisions and Protein Modeling - C Division: Room conflict (CEB 204) being resolved. Will post revised room/s ASAP.
4/13/16 Revised Schedule/s. Protein Modeling - C Division - moved to CEB 233. Since this should be last of schedule changes, the full B schedule, C schedule and master schedule (B&C events) have been updated on web site. Note that the B/C/Master Schedules include information on early team check-in Friday, late team check-in Saturday, Opening/welcoming "ceremony" Saturday, Coaches Forum, and Closing Ceremony. Let Sue Murphy know if any questions.
4/13/16 Final Build Event Sign-Up. Click on link for what is currently scheduled. If you wish to make any changes at this point, see event supervisor at event location on tournament day.
4/13/16 Elastic Launched Glider - B Divison and Wright Stuff - C Division. There will NOT be practice time in Pavilion Friday PM for Elastic Launched Glider - B Division and Wright Stuff - C Divison.
4/13/16 Protein Modeling - C Division (and other computer-based events) - All computer labs have attached mice.
 4/14/16 Coaches Forum - scheduled 3:00 to approx 3:45 PM in SCI 137 - is a chance to get to know other coaches and get possible coaching tips (especially for new coaches). The forum will conclude in time for coaches to get to the Closing Ceremony by 4PM. Hopefully there will be a parent or assistant coach who can help with team room clean-out between 3-4 and get students to the Closing Ceremony in the Pavilion so the coach can attend the forum.
 4/14/16 WSO30 TRUTH or DARE. For the initial part of the closing ceremony, we will be commemorating the 30th anniversary of WSO by playing Truth or Dare, focusing on 1986-2016. Click on link for sign up instructions and rules. Participation is entirely optional ... but you may only have an opportunity for prizes if you play! Contact Sue Murphy if any questions or to sign up. For sign-up on tournament day, see one of the room monitors in Patterson Hall (they will be wearing long-sleeved black Ts with "STAFF" on back).
 4/14/16 Mission Possible - B Division. Reminder that TSLs are due by noon Friday (sooner is better if you can). Knowing that many west side teams travel Friday AM, please get those in today (Thursday)! Either e-mail to Sue Murphy or fax to 509-359-7450.
 4/14/16 Radio Lab - C Division Trial Event. Impound will be 10:30-11 at event location (CEB 001 which is in the lower level of CEB). If you haven't yet notified me of participation in this event, it would be helpful if you could let Sue Murphy know, so we know how many to expect. Revised schedule/s posted to website.
 4/14/16 LEAF Challenge - B & C Division Trial Event. Actually this is a Washington pilot event and may be part of the WSO state tournament for a while. If you hadn't considered participating this year, I hope you'll have an opportunity to check it out and consider for next year. The plan is to get most Washington teams on board, then approach nationals with request to make it a trial event and ultimately a regular event. So any/all feedback you can provide (even for teams that are not competing - why not?) would be appreciated. This would help us tweak the event to get more teams involved.
 4/14/16  It's About Time - C Division & Protein Modeling - C Division - impound added to schedule/s (8:30-9 at event location). Revised schedule/s posted to website.

 Last Announcement! Since teams will be traveling Friday, there will not be any other msgs posted to web site. If there is any critical info, coaches will be be sent e-mail (otherwise, there will be info provided in check-in packet and/or provided at the opening/welcoming ceremony).
Weather forecast is for mild temps (sunny and low 60s). Trees are blooming so if you are prone to allergies, PREPARE!

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