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BS Mathematics

The program leading to the BS in Mathematics is especially strong, and is unique within the region.  The department strives to promote excellence; it fields teams for the Putnam competition and prepares students for actuarial exams.  It also sponsors a chapter of the mathematical honor society, Pi Mu Epsilon.  Recent graduates are successfully pursuing careers in industry or doctoral work at top-level universities.


What will I study?

Required Courses (55 credits)
MATH 161 Calculus I (5)
MATH 162 Calculus II (5)
MATH 163 Calculus III (5)
MATH 225 Foundations of Mathematics (5)                  
MATH 231 Linear Algebra (5)
MATH 241 Calculus IV (5)
MATH 347 Introduction to Differential Equations (4)
& MATH 307 and Mathematical Computing Laboratory III (1)
MATH 385 Probability and An Introduction to Statistics (4)
MATH 432 Introduction to Modern Algebra II (4)
MATH 460 Continuos Functions (5)
MATH 491 Senior Thesis (5)

Required Electives (35 credits)
Choose from the following: A maximum of 20 credits of elective may be counted from outside the Math Department. Some of these courses may require completion of additional prerequisites.
CHEM 421 Physical Chemistry
CHEM 422 Physical Chemistry 
CHEM 423 Physical Chemistry  
CSCD 210 Programming Principles I
CSCD 211 Programming Principles II
CSCD 300 Data Structures
CSCD 305 C++ Programming
CSCD 320 Algorithms
CSCD 340 Operating Systems
CSCD 420 Automata
CSCD 480 Intelligent Systems
CSCD 501 Advanced Algorithms
ECON 300 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory
ECON 301 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory
ECON 337 Econometrics
ECON 430 Mathematical Economics
EENG 320 Signals and Systems I
EENG 321 Signals and Systems II
EENG 420 Digital Signal Processing
EENG 440 Digital Communication Systems
EENG 470 Control Systems
EENG 471 Digital Control Systems
MATH 331 Discrete Mathematics with Applications
MATH 332 Number Theory
MATH 430 Advanced Linear Algebra
MATH 431 Applied Group Theory
MATH 433 Galios Theory
MATH 444 Numerical Linear Algebra
MATH 445 Numerical Analysis
MATH 447 Differential Equations
MATH 448 Partial Differential Equations
MATH 461 Advanced Calculus I
MATH 462 Advanced Calculus II
MATH 470 Foundations of Geometry
MATH 481 Complex Analysis
MATH 485 Probability and Statistical Inference II
MATH 486 Probability and Statistical Inference III
MENG 492 Finite Element Analysis
PHYS 361 Classical Mechanics I
PHYS 362 Classical Mechanics II
PHYS 363 Special Relativity
PHYS 371 Introduction to Quantum Physics
PHYS 401 Electromagnetism I
PHYS 402 Electromagnetism II
PHYS 403 Electromagnetism III


Emphases / Concentrations:

  • Demonstrate the ability to create and understand mathematical arguments and proofs.
  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate mathematical concepts both technically and non-technically.
  • Demonstrate the ability to use numerical and symbolic mathematical teachnology/software.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of mathematical applications in industry and the sciences.
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