Education Experts

Michael Winer, PhD


Photo of Michael Winer, PhD
  • Mathematics Education K-12
  • Student Cognition
  • Geometry
  • Measurement
  • Learning Progressions/Trajectories

Melissa Graham, PhD

Senior Lecturer

Photo of Melissa Graham, PhD
  • Equity-directed instructional practices in Mathematics
  • Mathematics Teacher Learning
  • Lesson Study

Hyung Sook Lee, PhD


Photo of Hyung Sook Lee, PhD
  • Elementary & Middle Level Mathematics Education

Bo Idsardi, PhD

Assistant Professor of Biology Education

Photo of Bo Idsardi, PhD
  • K-12 Science Education
  • Undergraduate STEM Education
  • Professional Development

Carlos William Castillo-Garsow, PhD

Associate Professor

Photo of Carlos William Castillo-Garsow, PhD
  • Secondary Mathematics Education
  • Mathematical Epidemiology

Edmundo Aguilar, PhD

College in the High School Coordinator

Photo of Edmundo Aguilar, PhD
  • COVID-19 Focus: Cultural Impact
  • Latinx, Mestizo and Native American Education
  • Borderlands
  • (Im)migration Critical Arts Based Research/Qualitative Research
  • Participatory Action Research
  • Autoethnography
  • Chicana Feminism
  • Critical Race Theory
  • Cultural Studies
  • Popular Culture
  • Culture/Diversity/Multicultural Education
  • Education/School Reform
  • Communication/Public Speaking

Gina Mikel Petrie, PhD


Photo of Gina Mikel Petrie, PhD
  • Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
  • Language Teaching Methods
  • English Teacher Training
  • Trauma-sensitive Language Teaching
  • English for Specific Purposes
  • TESOL Educative Curriculum Materials

Jacqueline Coomes, PhD


Photo of Jacqueline Coomes, PhD
  • Education
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematics Education
  • Professional Development
  • Honors
  • Problem Solving

Dustin Semb, PhD


Photo of Dustin Semb, PhD
  • Leadership
  • Outdoor Education

Lori Speer, RDH, MSDH

Assistant Professor

Photo of Lori Speer, RDH, MSDH
  • Critical Thinking
  • Faculty Development
  • Fostering Student Self-Assessment
  • Proving Effective Feedback
  • Self-Efficacy
  • Yoga
  • Peer-to-Peer Teaching/Mentoring