Latina/o/x Studies Experts

Edmundo Aguilar, PhD

College in the High School Coordinator

Photo of Edmundo Aguilar, PhD
  • COVID-19 Focus: Cultural Impact
  • Latinx, Mestizo and Native American Education
  • Borderlands
  • (Im)migration Critical Arts Based Research/Qualitative Research
  • Participatory Action Research
  • Autoethnography
  • Chicana Feminism
  • Critical Race Theory
  • Cultural Studies
  • Popular Culture
  • Culture/Diversity/Multicultural Education
  • Education/School Reform
  • Communication/Public Speaking

Nydia A. Martinez, PhD

Dean of CAHSS

Photo of Nydia A. Martinez, PhD
  • Latin American History
  • Latina/o/x Studies
  • Immigration
  • Study Abroad
  • Leadership