Lauren McKinley

In her quest to become a music teacher and performer, Lauren McKinley devoted some of last summer to work at the EWU Jazz Dialogue Middle School Summer Camp. “I learned so much about teaching, and I had a blast!” she said.

Eastern students who help with the camp get teaching experience while instructing young musicians in jazz combos and big bands. Lauren assisted with a big band group’s rhythm section, a jazz combo, and a piano master class.

“My scholarships have helped me pay for my tuition, and have given me the freedom to enjoy the many extracurricular aspects the Music Department has to offer me, from Jazz Band to composition lessons. Without generous donors, I, along with my parents, would be scrambling to scrape up the funds for tuition. If that were the case, I would not have the proper amount of time it takes to truly dedicate myself to my education.

“Donors’ generosity has helped me further my education, and more importantly, to follow my dream. I literally would not be able to do it without them!”