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Applying to a Graduate Program

For program-specific application requirements and deadlines, please find the basics for your program here and review their website for more details.

Here are the steps that apply to any EWU graduate program:

  1. Complete Application:

    And submit the non-refundable $75* application fee. 
    The application fee cannot be waived (unless you're a McNair Scholar), deferred, or refunded for any reason. You'll need to submit an application fee every time you apply to a graduate program (excluding the dual programs: MBA/MPA, MPA/MURP, MPA/MSW). Only one fee is assessed for dual-degree applicants and current students adding on a graduate certificate.

    * These programs charge an additional program application fee: MBA ($50), Occupational Therapy ($50), and Physical Therapy ($25).

  2. Submit Official Transcripts:

    One copy of your official transcripts from all colleges and universities you've attended.  For our purposes, "official" means sent directly from the issuing office to our receiving office. We judge transcripts to be official if:
    1. Transcripts arrive to us in an envelope sealed by the issuing institution.
    2. Transcripts arrive to us via an approved secure electronic transcript exchange service: e-script, National Student Clearinghouse, or Parchment.
    3. Transcripts arrive to us in an envelope sealed by a US State Department sponsored organization (e.g., USEF), and are attested by that organization.
    Transcripts from EWU do not need to be submitted, however. Students who have previously been admitted to Eastern should submit transcripts only from schools attended since their previous EWU admission, if any.

    Official transcripts may be mailed to us in an envelope sealed by the issuing institution or submitted electronically via e-script, National Student Clearinghouse, or Parchment; you'll need to provide our email account,, to these services. Mailed transcripts should be sent to the Office of Graduate Studies*; see our mailing address below the left-hand navigation menu on this page. Faxed copies of transcripts are discouraged, as they are not considered official.

    *For Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Communication Sciences & Disorders applicants only:
      At the time you apply, your official transcripts should be submitted directly to PTCAS, OTCAS, or CSDCAS.

  3. Submit GRE or GMAT Test Scores: 

    If required by your program, submit official score reports from the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). EWU's institutional code for sending scores is 4301.

  4. Submit Program-Specific Items:

    Many EWU graduate programs require additional items like personal statements, references, résumés, academic writing samples, or other items. You can find these requirements on your program's website or via our Graduate Programs page.

Graduate Admissions Requirements

These are the minimum admission requirements that apply to any graduate program at EWU. However, each graduate program will have its own additional criteria, which you can find at your program's page.

Bachelor's Degree:

Applicants must have earned a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university.

Grade Point Average (GPA):

Applicants must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 in the most recent 90 quarter or 60 semester graded credits of post-secondary academic coursework. This includes any previous graduate coursework. For students who do not meet this standard, the Director of Graduate Studies may, with the written recommendation of the program director, approve admission based upon other considerations.

English Language Proficiency:

International students who are not native speakers of English must provide evidence of adequate proficiency in the English language before being admitted to graduate study. English proficiency requirements are provided on our International Graduate Students page.


For applicants who do not meet these requirements, graduate programs may seek approval from Graduate Studies for an exemption based on other qualifications. Please consult with your intended graduate program if this applies to you.


Application deadlines vary by program. Find your area of study on our Graduate Programs page to see your program-specific deadline information.

International students should begin the application process at least six months before the start of a given term and should review the specific application deadlines found on the International Graduate Students page.

Financial Aid & Funding Deadlines:

Feb. 1 - Priority financial aid deadline for graduate admissions application and FAFSA for Fall term

Mar. 1 - Application deadline for most Graduate Assistantship (GSA) positions for Fall term

Non-Degree-Seeking Students

Do you want to take a graduate-level class without being admitted to a graduate program? Maybe you're interested in taking a graduate course or two, but not planning to do a full graduate program.

Under most circumstances, you must be admitted to a graduate program to register for a graduate class. However, with a program's approval, you may be able to take a graduate-level class (500-level or above) as a non-degree-seeking (or "non-matriculated") student.

To get started, submit the Non-Degree-Seeking Student Graduate Application: .pdf or .doc.


Visit our FAQ page or email us.


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