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GSA Health Insurance

Graduate students with a graduate service appointment (GSA) are eligible to enroll in this health insurance program, with the premium paid in full by Eastern Washington University. The plan covers unlimited medical expenses, with a deductible of $250/$500 per benefit year. GSA students are not automatically enrolled in this plan; they must opt in by completing the enrollment form. Eligible GSAs will receive an email with enrollment instructions by the end of August.

This insurance plan provides coverage in case of a serious illness or injury requiring hospitalization. Also covered are doctor visits, prescriptions and more, per the plan. This plan is separate from, and in addition to, the student health clinic services provided by the comprehensive health and wellness (CHW) fee.

Students with an annual GSA appointment who enroll by October 31 are eligible for annual health insurance coverage. Students with an annual appointment who enroll after October 31 will be eligible for coverage only through the spring term.

For information:

For more information, contact:

Leslie Swannack
Graduate Studies
206 Showatler Hall


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