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Computer Science

The Master's program in Computer Science has been designed to provide opportunities for professional growth in this rapidly changing field.  The program provides a balance between practical, up-to-date applications-oriented content, and a strong theoretical framework for continued learning.

Deadline for Application

Fall: Sept. 1, Winter: Dec. 15, Spring: Mar. 1, Summer: June 1

Special Program Requirements

Application/Admission Requirements

Applicants must:

(a) meet all Eastern Washington University requirements for admission to graduate study;

(b) complete and submit the online application for graduate school;

(c) supply transcripts showing completion of the readiness courses below or their equivalent. Individuals not having completed the readiness courses may petition for probationary admission.

Readiness Course Requirements

Fundamental programming courses-10 quarter hours (see CSCD 210 and 211)

C programming and the Unix operating system-4 quarter hours (see CSCD 240)

Data structures and algorithms-8 quarter hours (see CSCD 300 and 320)

Relational Database Systems - 4 quarter hours (see CSCD 327)

Operating systems-4 quarter hours (see CSCD 340)

Discrete math (see MATH 225 or 301)

Software Engineering (see CSCD 350)

Note 1: students needing to satisfy the requirements for Algorithms (CSCD 320), Operating Systems (CSCD 340), or Software Engineering (CSCD 350) at EWU will first need to pass the Computer Science Advancement Programming Exam.

Note 2: elective graduate courses may have prerequisites beyond the above requirements, and the student is responsible for mastering that material before taking such courses. If the prerequisite course is not at the senior level, it cannot be counted towards the graduate degree.

Contact Information

Dr. Dan Tappan
316 Computing and Engineering Building
Cheney, WA 99004

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