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Graduate Preparation Program

EWU offers alternatives for prospective international students who do not meet the English proficiency requirements for admission. One of these for graduate students is the Graduate Preparation Program ("Grad Prep").

Grad Prep Basics

  • Grad Prep students take English-language preparation courses offered by the English Language Institute (ELI). 

  • Review the English proficiency requirements for international graduate students to see if you qualify for Grad Prep.
  • While enrolled in Grad Prep, students will also take academic courses approved by their intended graduate program. These may be undergraduate courses required for full admission to the program or graduate-level courses.

  • Grad Prep usually lasts two quarters and requires meeting specific GPA and performance standards. Students are evaluated after each quarter on their progress in both their English and program-related courses.

  • Only students who successfully complete the requirements of their particular preparation program may be fully admitted to their graduate program. Successful completion means achieving the required grades in program-related courses and at least a "good" rating in the English courses on the ELI scale of fair/good/excellent.

  • Students admitted to Graduate Studies may use up to 12 credits of their graduate-level coursework taken during Grad Prep toward their graduate degree, if approved by their graduate program advisor.

Steps to Enroll in Grad Prep

  1. Submit a complete application to Graduate Studies by following the guidelines on our International Graduate Students page.

  2. Submit any additional application materials required by your specific graduate program. You can usually find these on your program's website.

  3. EWU will advise you about enrolling in Grad Prep depending on your English language proficiency at the time you apply.

Visa (I-20) and Financial Information for Grad Prep

Current Financial Statements

To receive an I-20 visa for Grad Prep, send EWU a current financial statement (no more than six months old) showing the U.S. funds to support study at EWU for two quarters of Grad Prep. See the ELI costs and the financial requirements for an I-20 visa here.

If you successfully complete Grad Prep and are fully admitted into an EWU graduate program, you will need a new I-20 visa for your graduate program. EWU requires a current financial statement showing the necessary funds for 12 months of graduate study: $45,000 US.

English translations of all financial statements are required. Statements of financial support from an embassy, scholarship agency, or source other than the applicant's funds or those of an immediate family member must be sent in an original letter from the funding source.

Funding for Graduate School

Graduate Service Appointments (GSAs) are a common way for students to receive help paying for a graduate program. If you receive a GSA, it will provide a tuition waiver that reduces your tuition cost for your graduate program. GSAs often also come with a quarterly stipend, which is money you may use to help with your living expenses (for example: housing, food). International students are eligible and encouraged to apply for a Graduate Service Appointment (GSA).

Please contact the English Language Institute for further information about Grad Prep.

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